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mdn Hübner GmbH (only German profile available)
Status: Full Member
Country: DE
Sector: Scan
Joined at: Jun 17
Website: http://www.mdn.de/


Status: Full Member
Country: SI
Sector: Government
Joined at: Feb 08
Website: http://www.mikrografija.si/

Many years of experience in complex projects, several billions of processed documents of different sensitivity, security classification and also different dimensions, sorts and types, enable us to provide our customers with the best customized solution and the most appropriate implementation meth...

Status: Startup Member
Country: NL
Sector: All industries
Joined at: Jun 13
Website: http://www.mimotek.com/

Mimotek develops software tools that process PDF files, with an emphasis on content extraction and format conversion. The common theme of the company’s products is the semi-automatic determination of the logical structure of documents, allowing content to be organised in a way tha...

Do you know...
Status: Full Member
Country: US
Sector: Accessibility
Joined at: Mar 16
Website: http://www.ricoh-usa.com/
Ricoh is a global information and technology company and a leader in information mobility for today's changing workforce. With a strong legacy of introducing new technologies into the workplace and a deep expertise in managing and accessing information, Ricoh is changing the way people work today wi...

Latest member
Status: Full Member
Country: DE
Joined at: Oct 18
Website: http://www.thieme-compliance.de/
A subsidiary of the Thieme Group, we are a leading systems provider for medically and legally sound patient education.

Patient information by Thieme Compliance: As a system pr...

Status: Startup Member
Country: GB
Sector: All industries
Joined at: Jul 18
Website: https://pdftables.com/
We accurately convert PDF tables to XLS, XML or CSV. PDFTables uses an algorithm that 'sees' the structure of the PDF. Designed to work reliably with large quantities of data. Most of our customers use PDFTables via the PDFTables.com Cloud SaaS which allows you to convert documents witho...

Status: Full Member
Country: NO
Sector: Imaging / OCR / capture
Joined at: Mar 18
Website: http://www.pixedit.com/
Established in 1988. PixEdit develops software for efficient data capture, editing and conversion of documents for digital filing. The products are often integrated with a document management system but may very well be used stand-alone. With its powerful image optimization libraries customers can v...