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Hunkeler Innovationdays 2015: Compart makes production printing more secure and reliable

How can we boost productivity and reliability in high-volume production printing? Compart puts this question front and center at this year’s Hunkeler Innovationdays event in Lucerne.

Together with its Swiss partner Docucom (www.docucom.ch), the company will be exhibiting a wide range of solutions and services for state-of-the-art, multi-channel-capable document processing. Their solutions allow companies to print their documents quickly, reliably, and in high volumes in both color and black and white. They also support electronic delivery, bundling for cost-optimized mailing, automatic metering (IT franking), and preparation for seamless downstream processing (folding, enveloping, archiving).

The new DocBridge Delta release 2.5, being launched at the end of January, will be making its debut in Lucerne. It features a tool that estimates the colour distribution for print jobs. This gives users a useful decision making aid where the colour distribution impacts the cost of operation, consumption, and maintenance of print machinery. The colour distribution capability provides valuable information for calculating print costs.

Compart also offers a variety of programs to identify differences between documents quickly and reliably or check documents against statutory and internal company rules. At the exhibit, Compart and Docucom will also be highlighting increasing digitalization in output management (OM) and the related challenge of seamlessly integrating new types of channels (E-Postbrief, IncaMail, Regify, mobile end devices, etc.) into the existing OM structure. Each partner will feature a number of suitable solutions at Hunkeler Innovationdays.


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