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Existing OpenSource PDF software at Lenzlinger Söhne AG replaced with PDF Tools products

In 1862, carpenter Johann Josef Lenzlinger built a house and a small workshop in Niederuster for his carpentry and sawmill business. His business has expanded over the past 150 years to become a leading enterprise in the finishing trade with around 250 employees and five business divisions: false floors, parquet flooring, joinery, metal construction and marquee rentals. The headquarters in Uster established subsidiaries in other parts of Switzerland – namely in Nänikon, Zurich, Lucerne, Rothrist and Bernex (GE) – as well as international branches in Vienna and Shanghai.

Customer Requirements

An OpenSource solution was already in use throughout the company. However, it was often the cause of problems, especially in conjunction with large-format PDFs, for instance AO generated by AutoCAD. In many cases they could not be opened by the recipient or were partially incomplete. During a migration project from Windows XP to Windows 7, Lenzlinger also established that a usable solution for the existing OpenSource PDF software was unavailable at the time. Lenzlinger already had dealings with PDF Tools AG and decided to put PDF Tools products to the test. The company soon established that the previous problems did not occur during the test period. This fact and the software provider’s comprehensive PDF know-how were reason enough for Lenzlinger to bank on the 3?Heights™ PDF Producer and PDF Assembler.


The 3?Heights™ PDF Producer and PDF Assembler from PDF Tools AG were comprehensively rolled out via automated software distribution to around 70 physical Windows computers and a commissioned Citrix XenApp 6.5-Farm for 60 thin client users within the framework of the “Next Generation IT” project.

Customers benefits

The 3?Heights™ PDF Producer and PDF Assembler products are now available at every workstation at Lenzlinger Söhne AG, where they are used by around 130 employees. The users are very pleased with the quality of the generated PDF files. They also appreciate how easy it is to use the Assembler to quickly create a PDF file from different document types. This function is now used very frequently.

View complete success story: Existing OpenSource PDF software at Lenzlinger Söhne AG replaced with PDF Tools products

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3-Heights™ PDF Validator

The 3-Heights™ PDF Validator safeguards the quality of PDF documents and the processes that create them. Documents are checked for compliance with the ISO standards for PDF and PDF/A documents. PDF is a widespread format; it is therefore important that interoperability is ensured. Documents containing information of relevance to business or intended for archiving, in particular, need to be validated with regard to their correctness and long-term legibility. This is precisely what the Validator does, whether for a single document or an entire batch.

3-Heights™ PDF Security

3-Heights™ PDF Security Tool is a component to digitally sign in a PDF/A conforming way. The application of an advanced or personal qualified signature guarantees the authenticity and integrity of archived documents. Supported are the embedding of a time stamp and revocation information as well as connecting to a hardware security module (HSM).

3-Heights™ PDF Analysis & Repair

The 3-Heights™ PDF Analysis & Repair component detects and repairs corrupted PDF documents in automated processing procedures. It repairs defective or illegible PDF documents or restores them as far as possible.

3-Heights™ PDF Extract

3-Heights™ PDF Extract is a component for reading out the contents and properties of PDF documents. This component can extract information quickly and efficiently, regardless of whether document content or document properties. The results can be stored in a database, for instance, or used for evaluations and statistics or to secure internal corporate knowledge.

3-Heights™ PDF Optimizer

The 3-Heights™ PDF Optimization component serves the purpose of optimizing PDF documents specifically in preparation for certain applications such as web-based publication, data exchange or printing.

PDF Command Line Suite

PDF Command Line Suite is a set of programs for the command line that process PDF documents individually and in batch mode. It enables you to process PDF documents easily without any programming effort on various operating systems.

3-Heights™ PDF Merge Split

3-Heights™ PDF Merge Split is a component for splitting and merging the pages of PDF and PDF/A compliant documents with practical additional functions.

PDF Prep Tool Suite

The PDF Prep Tool Suite is a programming library for creating, splitting and merging PDF documents. It can be used to add content such as text, images and vector graphics. Interactive elements such as links, form fields and bookmarks can be added and processed.

3-Heights™ PDF to Image Converter

The 3-Heights™ PDF to Image Converter is a component for converting PDF documents into single page or multi-page raster images such as TIFF or JPEG. Alternatively, it can rasterize PDF documents and save them back as PDFs.

3-Heights™ Image to PDF Converter

Converts all popular raster images, such as TIFF or JPEG to PDF/A documents. Optionally OCR text retrieval is available to produce PDF/A documents.

3-Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter

The 3-Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter is a component for converting PDF documents into the PDF/A format for long-term archiving. The tool analyzes and converts the input document, applying a digital signature where required. This component is both robust and scalable, making it suitable for integration in various processes such as standardization, quality assurance and archive migration.

3-Heights™ Document Converter

The 3-Heights™ Document Converter is a company-wide solution for converting all popular file formats to PDF, PDF/A and TIFF. It addresses various requirements in the field of conversion, in particular: Making documents archivable (especially MS Office documents), migrating existing archives, exchanging documents, fulfilling standards (ISO) and security requirements, archiving websites, archiving email, standardizing the variety of formats across the corporation

3-Heights™ PDF Printer

The 3-Heights™ PDF Printer is a compact component for printing PDF documents. PDF documents are used in many areas of business and need to fulfill differing demands with regard to printing. These include a high throughput rate, high visual fidelity even with complex documents, PDF/A-compliant printing, printing on paper or in print datastreams such as PS, PCL and XPS. The component is characterized by high performance and ease of integration.