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Documents Digitally Signed with SecurSign 5 Now PDF/A Compliant

No longer do you have to choose between archivability with PDF/A or securely signing electronic documents. Now you can have it all with SecurSign 5.

The PDF Association has tested SecurSign 5 and found it to be PDF/A compliant.

“As an archival standard PDF/A makes sure that a PDF will be displayed or printed always in the same way, but it does not guarantee that the PDF is not manually modified,” says Dietrich von Seggern, Business Development Manager at callas software GmbH, who also verifies PDF/A compliance for the PDF Association. “It, however, can be made secure by applying a signature to a PDF using SecurSign 5. It is a really great feature that SecurSign can sign a PDF in a PDF/A compliant way.”

The combination of using both PDF/A and a secure electronic signature eliminates technical issues in displaying the document and prevents tampering and is therefore important for archiving, document exchange and document management.

SecurSign 5 “is a fast tool that applies security to PDFs on a high quality level,” adds von Seggern.

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