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Datalogics’ Adobe PDF Library Beta Program Comes to a Close – Production Release Soon

Exciting times at Datalogics with the Adobe PDF Library! We’ve been hard at work on the Datalogics distribution of Adobe’s PDF Library version 15 and, after a lot of good times and some challenges, we’ve concluded the beta program and are readying our general release. Our great thanks to everyone who gave us feedback and suggestions through the beta program. If you weren’t able to participate this time around – fear not, the production release is coming up just around the corner on May 17th. What’s new and improved since our release of version 10.1, you ask? Here are the highlights:

  • PDF to PDF/X conversion for PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 outputs. PDF/X is the standard in the graphics arts and press fields for conveying accurate, complete PDF proofs and documents for printing
  • Revamped our existing line of samples
  • Performance improvements in importing pages and merging documents for large PDF files
  • Performance and stability enhancements for multithreaded applications and workflows
  • Updates to the PDF/A converter for better performance and smaller file sizes
  • Users can now set the transparency blending color space used for rendering, printing, and flattening PDF documents
  • Black point compensation can now be enabled/disabled when using the Adobe Color Engine color transformation API in the PDF Library

Of course, this update brings the Adobe PDF Library offered by Datalogics in alignment with the same core PDF processing code that underpins Adobe’s PDF Creative Cloud lineup – including Reader and Acrobat DC as well as Photoshop, Illustrator, and the rest of the Creative Cloud suite. Having the same common PDF core shared across Adobe applications and your applications means maximum compatibility and interoperability with the leading set of PDF tools and solutions.

The Adobe PDF Library is a constantly growing and evolving product. Datalogics continues to be actively involved with developments such as the coming PDF 2.0 standard (where we actively participate in defining and refining this upcoming standard), and we continue to bring updates and value to our Adobe PDF Library offering as guided by feedback from you – our customers and our users. Look out for some exciting updates coming up soon!

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