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ActivePDF Announces the Major Release of Redactor 4.1.0

ActivePDF, the leading global provider of PDF automation solutions and digital transformation, is proud to announce the major release and availability of DocGenius™ Redactor 4.1.0. The updated version of Redactor offers an expanded and enhanced API redaction solution, as well as Royalty Free distribution.

Redactor is renowned for securely removing and obscuring information within PDF files, preventing viewers from seeing, searching, and/or editing sensitive information within PDF files. Redactor 4.1.0 also prevents viewers from highlighting or copying redacted text and images.

Redactor 4.1.0 enables users to redact within PDF files:
– Specific words
– Full text
– Full or partial images
– Entire pages
– Bookmarks
– Form fields
– Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) and Metadata
– Search results

When these items are redacted within the PDF file, anyone viewing the file is prevented from seeing or editing the redacted information. The remaining, unredacted content remains visible and fully indexed.

The redaction process removes and replaces text and images with a filled box or customized label. Redactor enables users to censor everything from simple words and names to complex data, such as long-stringed numbers and specific parts of an image.

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