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Berlin. Ab sofort können sich PDF-Interessierte für die diesjährigen PDF Days Europe in Berlin anmelden. Sie erwartet eine umfassende Agenda mit mehr als 35 Beiträgen, die vom 15. bis 16. Mai sämtliche Bereiche der PDF-Technologie beleuchten. Schwerpun …

In diesem Jahr warten die PDF Days Europe mit einem ganz besonderen Programm auf, das einen Blick in die Zukunft von PDF werfen wird. Mit über 35 top-aktuellen Beiträgen werden alle spannenden Bereiche der PDF-Technologie beleuchtet; allem voran das bislang größte und weitreichendste Projekt der PDF Association mit dem Codenamen „Camelot2„.

Sie besuchen die PDF Days Europe 2017 in Berlin? Sehr gut! Hier haben wir einige Hotelempfehlungen und Sightseeing-Tipps für Sie zusammengestellt.

Ländergruppe Italien

In Italy, PDF/A is currently widely used as a format for electronic storage and recording because its technical features make it more effective than the TIFF format and because the Prime Minister of Italy authorized a decree in 2008, which states that the PDF/A format must be used in the publication of final accounts and other legal and fiscal documentation. Consequently, PDF/A has become a well-known format, used every day by thousands of Italian users who, at present, can also avail of the solutions and invaluable support provided by members of the PDF/A Competence Center. The major interest that our country has shown in this format is the reason why Rome hosted the 2010 PDF/A International Conference.

Local Contact

Francesco Tito photoFrancesco Tito is the CEO and Marketing Manager of Bridge Technologies Srl. After graduating from Milan’s Polytechnical University with a degree in Electronic Engineering, he immediately started collaborating with important consulting companies in the IT sector. After many years at Ernst & Young Consultant, where he gained experience in applications and auditing, he went on to manage the sale of complex innovative solutions, eventually concentrating on Document Automation and taking part in the successful start-up of Bridge Technologies, an Italian company that has been providing solutions for output management, transformation, conversion into any format, and enhanced document flows for storing, printing and bulk mailing since 2005.

Tel: +39 3358364456


Country Sponsor

Harald Grumser is a former Chairman of the PDF/A Competence Center and has a special focus on Italy.


Members in country

There are approx. 10 active members in Italy.



The leading document management magazine in Italy is the DDM magazine, edited by the 4IT group (the marketing and cooperation partner for Italy).

Recommendations and legal requirements

In Italy, PDF/A is becoming the main format used in the electronic storage of documents. Despite a regulatory framework that is still evolving and therefore not well defined, numerous references to the PDF/A format are made at normative and regulatory level. The decree authorized by the Prime Minister of Italy on December 10th, 2008 requires final accounts, consolidated balance sheets, and other documentation to be published in the Business and Trade Registry in PDF/A format without images. This obligation remains until the taxonomies of the XBRL specifications are unavailable or insufficient in terms of “representing a balance sheet approved by companies in accordance with the principles of transparency, correctness and truth”. With regard to electronic storage, there is no binding obligation to use the PDF/A format. Nevertheless, this format has been acknowledged by institutions thanks to the fact that it is unmodifiable and still readable. The Chambers of Commerce also require company documents to be sent in PDF/A format. The instructions provided by the Business and Trade Registry in relation to online balance sheet storage contain information about converting files into PDF/A format or into another format that does not contain any “macro instructions” or executable code that could activate features that would enable the documentation itself or any facts or data contained therein to be modified. This applies to balance sheets that do not need require the presentation of the list of shareholders (such as s.r.l. and cooperative societies). It also applies whenever the list remains unchanged (in this case, therefore also s.p.a.). Furthermore, Infocamere has published a technical manual that describes the procedure for use with the PDF/A format. This manual is available on the home page of the company’s website.


Italy has multiple events around document and output management and the PDF/A Competence Center joined the Digital Printing Forum in Milan. The Inprinting fair in Milan also had a PDF/A booth and the Forum PA in Rome is an important fair for the public administration. The PDF/A Conference 2010 in Rome is complete event around PDF/A.

Nächste Veranstaltungen
Spezielle Auflage des VIP Events in Wien

Das VIP Event for Print & Publishing ist eine Bildungsveranstaltung von axaio, callas und Four Pees. Ursprünglich auf Reseller und Integratoren ausgerichtet, ist es zu einer offenen Veranstaltung für alle geworden, die fundiertes Wissen und praktische Erfahrung zu callas pdfToolbox, pdfaPilot oder pdfChip, axaio MadeToPrint oder MadeToTag, Insoft Imp, FileTrain, iC3D, tFLOW sowie einem der anderen Produkte, die Four Pees vermarktet, erwerben möchten.

CeBIT 2017 – Global Event for Digital Business

Jetzt aber: Schluss mit der Zettelwirtschaft. Mit neuen Tools für das Enterprise Content Management (ECM) sowie für Input- und Outputmanagement fließen Informationen rasend schnell zwischen Kunden und Mitarbeitern. Die CeBIT ist der Treffpunkt für internationale Anbieter, Anwender und Fachleu

Webinar: Foxit Europe stellt sich vor

Im Oktober 2016 wurde die LuraTech in Foxit Europe umbenannt. Neben dieser Namensänderung steht damit jetzt ein European PDF Center of Excellence zur Verfügung, das Anwender bei allen Aufgabenstellungen rund um PDF mit Beratung und Lösungen unterstützen kann. In diesem Webinar stellen wir Ihnen Foxit Europe mit seiner kompletten PDF Produktpalette vor.