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Mission Statement: To promote Open Standards-based electronic document implementations using PDF technology through education, expertise and shared experience for stakeholders worldwide.
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Talking about electronic documents

We’ve done PDF Day events and technical conferences across Europe, in the US, in Australia, and elsewhere. This Electronic Document Conference is the first PDF Association event that’s open to all technologies pertaining to documents. It’s about explor …

Happy new logo!

2006: The PDF/A Competence Center A new year brings new things, and 2019 is no exception! The “four red blocks” logo was first created for the PDF/A Competence Center in 2006. When that organization became the PDF Association in 2011, the design was ad …

Save-The-Date: PDF Day France, Toulouse, April 4, 2019

PDF Day France will be the first French-speaking event of the PDF Association, organised by our member ORPALIS. It will take place in Toulouse which is the home ground of Airbus and we are very happy that Airbus will present a case study around its usage of PDF in their document management environment!

Electronic Document Conference: Call for Papers

Prospective presenters at the Electronic Document Conference 2019 are invited to submit high-quality original proposals for 25-minute presentations on subjects of interest to developers and technical product managers concerned with electronic document implementations.

Have we passed ‘peak PDF’?

How do we gain insight into how users’ views of documents are shifting? Google Trends is an increasingly interesting source of high-level marketplace data. By aggregating Google’s search data over time, reporting a term’s popularity as compared with all other searches.

Further information on PDF/A

The PDF/A Competence Centre, today a part of the PDF Association, was founded very shortly after PDF/A first appeared as an ISO standard. This international organisation aims to promote the development and usage of PDF standards. To that end, the PDF Association targets users, developers and decision-makers equally and helps its members exchange information worldwide.

The portal to the PDF Association 

A good starting point for anyone with questions about PDF/A or PDF in general is the PDF Association’s website. At www.pdfa.org, you can find information in English and German about current development, from all relevant industries and from suppliers worldwide. Comprehensive background information and example applications explain the technology behind PDF/A and its use in practice. You can view a video-on-demand series about PDF/A and other PDF standards. The website offers an overview of PDF- and PDF/A-related software products and services.

Users can contact the Association with specific questions. To do so, simply register on the website and describe your request on the discussion forum. Specialists and practitioners from around the world will provide informed answers and suggestions.

PDF Association events

The PDF Association attends international trade shows and other events on subjects such as document management, digital media and electronic archiving. For years the Association has also organised specialist seminars and technical conferences around the world. Companies and public authorities seeking a speaker on PDF/A for their event can find support at the PDF Association: interested parties can simply enquire about a presentation using a form at www.pdfa.org.

Some countries also have direct contact persons in the Association’s local chapters. For a complete list, including contact details, please visit the Association’s website.


Anyone aiming to work actively to develop and expand use of the PDF standard can become a member of the PDF Association, whether an individual or an entire organisation.

Membership allows a company to present itself on the PDF Association’s portal and to publish its own announcements, press releases and articles on the website. They can also present their software solutions and services within the Association’s product showcase. The Association also has especially favorable terms for presenting products and strategies at trade shows and other events. Members also have exclusive access to the Association’s intranet.

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