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5 reasons why those implementing electronic document technologies should attend PDF Days Europe

PDF Days Europe, the annual PDF technology education event, will take place from 14 to 16 May 2018 in Berlin at the Hotel Steglitz International. Of the many good reasons for users to participate, here are five of the best.

2018 PDF 2.0 Interop Workshop

Following the success of our previous interop workshops in Cambridge, England and Boston, Massachusetts, the 3rd PDF 2.0 Interop Workshop takes place on May 16, 2018 as part of the post-conference program immediately following this year’s PDF Days Euro …

Post-Conference of PDF Days Europe 2018 in Berlin

On Wednesday, May 16, 2018, directly following PDF Days Europe, the PDF Days Post-Conference offers a variety of workshops on PDF 2.0 Interop or PDF/UA.

PDF Days Europe 2018 – schedule of sessions

Fittingly for the tenth anniversary of PDF’ becoming an ISO standard, standardization will play a significant role this year. The focus will be on recent developments, with an eye on the future. The agenda also includes PDF market analyses, next-generation PDF for mobile devices, universally accessible PDF files and the industry-supported veraPDF validator initiative.

Hotel Recommendations and Sightseeing Tips for PDF Days Europe 2018 in Berlin

You will visit the No. 1 PDF event – the PDF Days Europe 2018 in Berlin? Great! Here are some hotel recommendations and sightseeing tips near the event location (SI Hotel).

Five reasons developers should participate in PDF Days Europe

Developer examines code.
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PDF software runs on almost every desktop and mobile device. Millions of servers worldwide create, stamp, append, search, extract and otherwise produce or consume PDF files every second of every day. PDF technology is everywhere.

On May 14 – 16 2018, the center of PDF technology will be in Berlin for PDF Days Europe, held at Berlin’s Hotel Steglitz International. The subject: PDF technology; standards, advisories, best-practices, ideas, opportunities and the future.

Developers of tools that create, manipulate or use PDF should sign up today!

  • It’s not just for developers: with over 200 participants from all around the world, PDF Days Europe brings developers together with ISO committee members, product managers and technically-minded end users.
  • Informative presentations and discussions impart specialist knowledge and the latest findings. May 14th and 15th include a track designed especially for developers. We’ll discuss using PDF 2.0 to support PDF 1.7, taking advantage of PDF 2.0’s new features, PDF in the Open Data context, and what blockchain and distributed ledger technology could mean for documents.
  • May 16 is dedicated to the third PDF 2.0 Interop Workshop. Developers can use the event to test their understanding of PDF 2.0, validate their test files and software against 3rd party implementations and discuss the specifications with members of the ISO committee.
  • It’s not all about the future! Practical relevance and inspiration in tackling today’s problems is at the heart of every PDF Days event.
  • Breathing Berlin air can be really inspiring. Berlin is not only the capital of Germany, but also an attractive business and technology location and a symbol of successful change and diversity. Berlin is easily accessible.

Check out the detailed programme: https://www.pdfa.org/pdf-days-europe-2018-schedule-of-sessions/

Developers can register here: https://en.xing-events.com/pdf-days-europe-2018.html


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