Webinar “Do PDF/VT Right and turbo charge your variable data printing”

PDF and PDF/VT formats are increasingly being used in variable data printing applications. The way in which those files are constructed can speed up, or slow down, your workflow. Yet, until now, there has been no information available about how to fully optimize PDF files for VDP.

Whether you are a graphic designer, production manager or press operator, this webinar offers information about optimizing PDF files for a smooth workflow as well as the “do’s and don’ts” of making efficient PDF files.

Key Takeaways:

  • The impact of poorly constructed PDF files on finely tuned variable workflows
  • Tricks and techniques to create efficient PDF and PDF/VT files

This webinar is based on the content of ‘Do PDF/VT Right™: How to make problem-free PDF files for variable data printing,’ a concise and objective free guide that is edited by Martin Bailey, CTO of Global Graphics Software, the developers of the Harlequin RIP®, and the primary UK expert on the ISO committees that maintain and develop PDF and PDF/VT.


Martin Bailey, CTO, Global Graphics Software

Martin Bailey works to analyze and understand the current and future needs for document and print workflows. This enables him to guide Global Graphics’ industry-leading printing technology. He represents Global Graphics on a number of industry bodies and standards committees, working as the primary UK expert on the committees for PDF and PDF/VT.


From: June 11, 2014



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