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December 21, 2011
4 PM

Release Webinar: callas pdfaPilot 3

Along with the new developments of the PDF/A standard, callas software released a new major upgrade of pdfaPilot (Desktop and Server).On Wednesday, December 21, at 4:00 PM we organize a webinar to introduce you to the new version.

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Major features

This is a major new release and brings a host of important features that will significantly increase the power of your callas pdfaPilot! The most important new features are listed here:


  • PDF/A collections may now contain not just only other PDF/A files but arbitrary file formats like Word- or Excel-files or XML structures. These are new features of the the standard part PDF/A-3 which is going to be published beginning of 2012. pdfaPilot 3 will already support these new features.
  • Distributed processing; allows easy load-balancing between multiple pdfaPilot 3 Server instances in high-volume workflows.
  • Guaranteed PDF/A conversion; this automatically tries different conversion methods to create the best PDF/A file possible.
  • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Support for running as a Windows service.
  • Improved conversion of form fields and annotations, object level metadata in PDF/A-2 and the possibility to remove incompatible signatures when converting to PDF/A-2.
  • An Enfocus Switch configurator to fit pdfaPilot 3 Server into a Switch workflow.
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