pdfChip Hackathon Leuven/Belgium, Nov 23-24, 2015

What the hack is pdfChip about?

In February 2015, callas released a new product called pdfChip. pdfChip allows quick and flexible conversion from HTML (with support for CSS 3, Javascript, SVG and MathML) to production-ready or archive-ready PDF. In order to accomplish this it leverages all of the power inherent in HTML+CSS+Javascript and provides additional custom elements, properties and Javascript classes where needed.

The pdfChip engine is also used in the other callas products. Custom preflight reports in pdfToolbox and pdfaPilot are created from HTML templates and converted to PDF reports using the pdfChip engine. The latest version of pdfaPilot and pdfToolbox come with a “Place Content” feature that uses HTML templates to dynamically add page content to existing PDF documents.

How a hackathon is the best way to get started

All of this is extremely flexible and powerful. But it requires an understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript and the knowledge on how to fold all that into a package that works in the callas products. The pdfChip Hackathon in Leuven, Belgium is the ideal place to get started with that. In 2 days you’ll get the chance to explore those areas of the technology that interest you, through hands-on experience and interaction with experts from callas and Four Pees.

The pdfChip Hackathon is a technical and hands-on event; bringing your own laptop is necessary. Test licenses for pdfChip, pdfToolbox and pdfaPilot on Mac, Windows or Linux are made available. Some technical knowledge about PDF and HTML will be helpful; the idea of the pdfChip Hackathon is to bring together experts in different fields and have a immediate and intense exchange of expertise.

Where, when, how much, and what you get

  • Dates: Monday, November 23 & Tuesday November 24, 2015
  • Time: On Monday we start at 10 am, and we finish on Tuesday at about 4 pm.
  • Place: Radisson Park Inn, Leuven (right at the train station, 15 minutes from Brussels airport)
  • The participation fee is 149 Euro and includes:
    • Hands-on training on pdfChip
    • Direct contact with callas software developers, product management, CEO
    • Networking with your industry colleagues
    • Lunch on November 23 and 24
    • Dinner on November 23

We have arranged a special room rate with the hotel (89 Euro incl. breakfast for those of you who arrive already on Sunday night, 129 Euro incl. breakfast for Monday night).


From: November 23, 2015 10:00
To: November 24, 2015 16:00

Park Inn Hotel Leuven
Martelarenlaan 36

Member event Seminar


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