ISO TC 171 SC 2 – Spring 2020

ISO logoIn early May, 2020 the ISO committees for PDF and related standards will gather in Paris, France for four days of meetings.

NOTE: There is no WG 6 at this time.

Working Group 5

ISO 19005 / PDF/A

This WG is not meeting in Paris as it awaits the results of the DIS ballot.

Working Group 7

ISO 21757-1 (ECMAScript for PDF)

Review ballot results, comments.

ISO/PDTS 24064 (3D data streams conforming to STEP AP242)

Review ballot results, comments.

ISO 14739-1 (3D use of Product Representation Compact (PRC) format)

Review ballot results, comments.

ISO/PDTS 24654 (Non-Rectangular Links)

Review ballot results, comments.

Discussion group reports

  • PRC errata
  • Non-rectangular links
  • glTF into ISO 32000

Working Group 8

ISO 32000 (PDF)

The "dated revision" of ISO 32000-2 will not be reviewed at this meeting as the DIS is out for ballot.

WG8 will, however, discuss new features for future versions of PDF. Proposals from the community are welcome, and should be as technically complete as possible.

ISO 23504 (PDF/R)

Review ballot results

Working group reports

  • Technical Specification – Variable Width Stroke
  • White Paper - PDF Extensions
  • Encryption and Digital Signature
  • Potential New 2D Image Formats for PDF

Working Group 9

ISO 14289 (PDF/UA)

Continued development of PDF/UA-2, including reports from the following working-groups:

  • ARIA Roles for Standard Structure Types
  • Semantic Requirements for Rich Text
  • Integration of PDF 2.0's Annex L
  • Use of PDF 1.7 Namespaces in PDF/UA
  • ISO 14289-2 editing

Technical Specification – PDF 1.7 tags in a PDF 2.0 context

Initial review

Working Group 10

WI: Digital file format selection criteria

Working Group 11

Trusted WORM

Working Group 12

ISO 16684 (XMP)

Review CD of ISO 16684-3 (JSON-LD serialization of XMP)

Review NP of 16684-4 (Use of XMP for Semantic Units)

Discussion group report

Review of 3D product metadata for PDF files

Attending the meetings

The meetings will be held at the Chambre Nationale des Huissiers de Justice in Paris, France. Attendance is available to members of the ISO WG or of the PDF Association at no charge, but registration is required. Teleconference access will also be provided, but is likewise also only available to registered attendees.

PDF Association logoPDF Association members who wish to attend should contact the PDF Association's Liaison Officer, Dietrich von Seggern, directly for accreditation via the PDF Association's liaison with ISO TC 171 SC 2. PDF Association members are entitled to review Committee documents prior to the meetings.

3D PDF ConsortiumFor those who participate via their respective country's TC 171 member body organization, you must be accredited and entered into ISO's Global Database prior to attending. Contact Betsy Fanning at the 3D PDF Consortium (secretariat for ISO TC 171 SC 2) for more information.


May 4-7, 2020

Chambre Nationale des Huissiers de Justice
44 Rue de Douai
75009 Paris

ISO meeting


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