ISO May 2023 Meetings

In May 2023, the ISO committees for PDF and related standards will gather for several days of hybrid meetings (in person and virtual).

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NOTE: There is no WG 6 at this time.

Working Group 5

Discussion group reports

  • 19005-4 Editing Group

Working Group 7

ISO/CD 14739-1 Document management - 3D use of Product Representation Compact (PRC) format - Part 1: PRC 10001 - Dated Revision

Review committee consultation comments

ISO/PDTS 32007,  Document management - Portable Document Format - RichMedia annotations with glTF assets

Review ballot results and comments

Discussion group reports

  • 14739-1 editing
  • Improving Non-rectangular links

Working Group 8

ISO/DTS 32003 - Document management - Portable Document Format - Adding support of AES-GCM in PDF 2.0

Review ballot results, comments.

ISO/DTS  32004 - Document management - Portable Document Format - Integrity Protection in encrypted document in PDF 2.0

Review implementations.

ISO/DAM-1 ISO 32000-2, Document management - Portable Document Format - Part 2: PDF 2.0

Review results and comments from DIS ballot.

Discussion group reports

  • Encryption and Digital Signature
  • Secure PDF
  • Initial Graphics State editing
  • Representing Languages in Unicode Text Strings

Working Group 9

ISO/DIS 14289-2 - Document management applications - Electronic document file format enhancement for accessibility - Part 2: Use of ISO 32000-2 (PDF/UA-2)

Review DIS ballot results and comments.

ISO/DTS 32005 - Document management - Portable Document Format - PDF 1.7 and 2.0 namespace inclusion in ISO 32000-2

Review DTS ballot results and comments.

Discussion group reports

  • Processor Requirements

Working Group 10

ISO/NP, Document management - Reference model for long-term preservation of text documents - Part 1 - Fundamentals

Review NP ballot results.

Working Group 11

ISO/TR 22957, Document management - Analysis, selection and implementation of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems

Review draft.

Working Group 12

ISO/DIS 16684-4, Graphic technology - Extensible metadata platform (XMP) specification - Part 4: Use of XMP for semantic units

Review DIS ballot results and comments.

Attending the meetings

Attendance is available to members of the ISO WG or of the PDF Association at no charge, but registration is required. Teleconference access will also be provided to registered attendees.

PDF Association members who wish to attend should contact the PDF Association's Liaison Officer, Dietrich von Seggern, directly for accreditation via the PDF Association's liaison with ISO TC 171 SC 2. PDF Association members are entitled to review Committee documents prior to the meetings.

For those who participate via their respective country's TC 171 member body organization, you must be accredited and entered into ISO's Global Database prior to attending. Contact Betsy Fanning at the PDF Association, Inc. (Committee Manager for ISO TC 171 SC 2) for more information.


May, 2023

Location To be Confirmed

Attendees must be registered in the ISO database. Members of the PDF Association wishing to attend should contact ISO Liaison Officer Dietrich von Seggern at If a PDF Association member has an ISO username, please also register for the working group meetings you wish to attend in addition to informing Dietrich von Seggern.

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