Dokumentinfo Focus in Sweden: Focused analysis of the archival format PDF/A

Kent Aberg from NewFormat AB

PDF/A is becoming more and more established as one of the most used archival formats for archiving digital documents over time. The idea is, that a PDF/A file can be reproduced in exactly the same way as when it was created. All information necessary to present the document is embedded in the PDF/A file.

Some generic topics:

Capture and Scan with PDF/A, Thomas Zellmann, Managing Director, PDF Association

This presentation will discuss advantages of PDF/A for scanned documents. Technical options of PDF/A and best practices will be presented. The integration into data capture processes with PDF/A for a complete input management gives the full picture for those application areas.

Hybrid Archiving with PDF/A-3, David van Driessche, Four Pees

PDF/A-3 is the latest addition to the family of archival standards from the ISO. While the differences with PDF/A-1 and PDF/A-2 don’t seem very impressive initially, they open up a world of new business opportunities. From full archival of emails with attachments, to digital dossiers, electronic invoicing and opportunistic archival of office documents, this session goes into more details on PDF/A-3, its requirements and opportunities.



From: November 3, 2015 08.30 AM

To: November 3, 2015 04.40 PM

Bonnier Conference Center