callas PDF Hackathon – April 11-12, 2016 in Berlin

The PDF Hackathon is a technical and hands-on event where attendees will work in groups to find answers to their PDF questions. These questions might be related to any of the callas products or to more general PDF topics. Attendees will dig deep into the callas products or into PDF structures. Bringing one’s own laptop will be necessary. The idea of the PDF Hackathon is to bring together experts in different fields and to have an immediate and intense exchange of expertise.


The Hackathon takes place in the GLS Campus Berlin «Die Schule», in Berlin, Germany.


It starts on Monday, April 11, 2016, at 11 am and it ends on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, at 4 pm.


A ticket for the Hackathon costs € 199. SMA customers and callas partners get 50% discount. So, they will only pay € 99.


From: April 11, 2016
To: April 12, 2016

GLS Campus
Kastanienallee 82
1435 Berlin

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