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If you have need for end-to-end PDF and PDF/A functionality including OCR, Virtual Printing, HTML5 viewing and more, you will benefit greatly from LEADTOOLS latest white paper: Implementing a Standardized PDF/A Document Storage System with LEADTOOLS


September 1, 2013 – The Cal Poly Graphic Communications PDF/VT Test File Suite provides a collection of four sets of graphically-rich, robust, valid PDF/VT files for testing and demonstrating products claiming support of consumption of files conforming to the ISO 16612-2 PDF/VT standard. The test file suite is now available for download from the website of the PDF Association.


ISO standard 14289-1, known as PDF/UA, was first published in the summer of 2012. It is the first complete definition of a set of requirements for universally accessible PDF documents. Rather than applying to the PDF file format alone, these clear specifications also define compliant assistive technology and PDF reading software.

Even in large companies, the problem of how to strictly separate document creation from document delivery has not been satisfactory solved. Yet it’s a must for generating “intelligent” documents for every physical and digital channel. An appeal for output management as the central hub in customer communications.


New version of PDF/A in a Nutshell. With comprehensive information about PDF/A-3.


Preflight PDF files to help you save time and costs, increase customer satisfaction by improving quality control, and allow you to hit deadlines and avoid reprints.


The webinar is aimed at solution providers in the health care sector, such as NHS solutions vendors and users interested in health care. As an attendee, you will gain a good overview of PDF/A and can assess where PDF/A can provide advantages in your products and applications.

What’s new in PDF 2.0 regarding digital signatures – whitepaper by Bruno Lowagie, CEO of the iText Software Group


Slides in PDF format as presented during the Technical Conference 2012

The White Paper “PDF/A in Health Care” explains PDF/A and shows the use of PDF/A in various fields. The paper also presents case studies and solutions respectiveliy products of our members.


This leaflet provides an overview of what PDF/VT is and why it matters.

Colin van Oosterhout and Dominique Hermans of the PDF/A Competence Center, Benelux Chapter offer a webinar: Introduktie op PDF/A-2.

PDF/A is the PDF for long-term archiving. PDF/A – which was adopted at the end of 2005 – is the first file format which, since it is an ISO standard, guarantees that documents created today will also be able to be opened and used in the future. ‘PDF/A …

Complete this PDF form and return it to the PDF Association via email or fax to apply for membership!


Attachments:Technical Note 8: Predefined XMP Properties in PDF/A

Attachments:Download Technical Note 6: Digital Signatures in PDF

PDF/A-1 imposes certain requirements and restrictions on document metadata in a compliant PDF/A-1 file where certain information is required to be encoded as XMP metadata, while corresponding entries in the document information dictionary for a document may be present but must match information present in the document’s XMP-encoded metadata.

The PDF/A-1 requirements related to color handling may be confusing to users and developers who are not familiar with color management concepts and ICC profiles. This TechNote describes the affected objects in PDF, details the requirements of PDF/A-1 with respect to color handling, and provides recommendations for color strategies in common situations.

Attachments:Technical Note 1: Namespaces

ƒƒWhat are the advantages of the PDF/A Standard? ƒƒWhat is the PDF/A Standard? ƒƒWhat do PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b, PDF/A2 mean? ƒƒHow is the PDF/A Standard implemented? ƒƒIs PDF/A the solution for long-term archiving?

Dietrich von Seggern, callas software GmbH, offers the webinar: Metadata in PDF/A: Requirements and Benefits

Dr. Hans Bärfuss and Dr. Hans-Rudolf Aschmann, PDF Tools AG, offer the webinar: Archiving digital documents and emails in PDF/A

Olaf Drümmer and Dietrich von Seggern, callas software, offer the webinar: The Even Better PDF: PDF/A

Johannes Hesel of SEAL Systems, presents Demands of Engineering and SAP on PDF/A

Carsten Heiermann and Armin Ortmann of LuraTech present  PDF/A for Scanned Documents

Mark McKinney and Armin Ortmann of LuraTech present PDF/A for Scanned Documents

Dietrich von Seggern of callas offers a webinar that examines the requirements of PDF/A with respect to XMP Metadata and includes a demonstration of analysis and validation of XMP Metadata, as well as the creation and editing of XMP Extension Schemas.