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Postscript took off like a rocket, but PDF took its time. Many people wondered “What’s it for?” In this video, Professor Brailsford recounts his 1996 experience with one such person – a US immigration officer…


PDF/E Competence Center promote awareness of the ISO standard for engineering supporting the secure creation, exchange and use of engineering documents.

Reproduction of a bison of the cave of Altamira

Reproduction of a bison of the cave of Altamira Throughout Time… Humans have put their thoughts to media with the idea of capturing these in time – that is, creating documents – for many millennia. Needless to say, readers’ expectations have changed …

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As of March 2014, the PDF Association has transitioned its discussions forums to the following LinkedIn Groups:

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Xploration 2017

Xploration is the customer communications conference, meeting this year in Orlando, FL.

Webinar: E-Mail archiving with PDF and PDF/A

Do you need to improve your management of business E-mails? Are you looking for an easy way to convert E-Mails to PDF? Then this webinar is for you!

CSUN Assistive Technology Conference

CSUN Assistive Technology Conference is the premier global forum that showcases cutting edge technology and practical solutions for an inclusive society where all persons of all abilities have the chance to achieve their goals and experience success.