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A montage of accessibility checklists.

PDF/UA, like PDF itself, is internally complex, but used correctly, actually makes things easier.

Matt Kuznicki

Catherine Andersz of PDFTron Systems, Alaine Behler of iText Software and Peter Wyatt, ISO Project Leader for ISO 32000 enrich the newly elected board of the PDF Association.

Plenum at the PDF Days Europe 2018

Richard Cohn, Principal Scientist at Adobe and the co-author of PDF 1.0, gave the opening keynote at the PDF Days Europe 2018.

Creating more accessible documents from scans

Armin OrtmannArmin Ortmann, CTO at Foxit Europe, will be hosting a presentation titled “Creating more accessible documents from scans” at the PDF Days Europe 2018.

Presenter: Armin Ortmann became LuraTech’ CTO in 2008 and manages the team developing and supporting the PDF Compressor and Rendition Server products. A computer science graduate of the Technical University of Berlin, he tackled image compression in his diploma thesis. Since 1998 he has worked as a software developer and project manager for a number of companies in Germany and the US before joining LuraTech in 2006. He stayed with the company throughout the Foxit merger and thus became CTO of the Foxit Europe branch.

Session Description: Normally, scanned documents are ZERO accessible and need manual post-processing. This presentation discusses auto-tagging approaches for scans and PDF Compressor will be shown live as a sample application and the resulting more accessible documents will be checked with multiple accessibility checkers like PAC 2. Attendees will get new ideas for accessibility of scans which needs different approaches than digital PDF/UA creation.

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