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Mission Statement: To promote Open Standards-based electronic document implementations using PDF technology through education, expertise and shared experience for stakeholders worldwide.
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PDF 2.0 examples now available

The PDF Association is proud to present the first PDF 2.0 example files made available to the public. Created and donated to the PDF Association by Datalogics, this initial set of PDF 2.0 examples were crafted by hand and intentionally made simple in construction to serve as teaching tools for learning PDF file structure and syntax.

PDF 2.0 interops help vendors

The PDF 2.0 interop workshops included many vendors with products for creating, editing and processing PDF files. They came together in Boston, Massachusetts for a couple of days to test their own software against 3rd party files.

PDF Days Europe underscores the importance of PDF as a key component of business processes

2017 marks a record number of attendees / Experts shared fully-grounded wisdom on PDF standards across the two-day event Berlin. With over 200 attendees, this year’s PDF Days Europe in Berlin was a significant success with the largest attendance of any …

Slides and video recordings of the PDF Days Europe 2017

About 35 informative sessions across a wide range of topics, including the next-generation PDF project. Within the video frames you can use the red “play” button to get a short impression of the talk or can enjoy the high resolution version by clicking …

PDF Days Europe 2017 hits the target!

With more than 200 participants, this year’s PDF Days Europe was the largest to-date. Early feedback from attendees makes clear that it was also a great success.

Cal Poly Graphic Communications PDF/VT Test File Suite – Version 1.0.1

PDF/VT logoSeptember 1, 2013 – The Cal Poly Graphic Communications PDF/VT Test File Suite provides a collection of four sets of graphically-rich, robust, valid PDF/VT files for testing and demonstrating products claiming support of consumption of files conforming to the ISO 16612-2 PDF/VT standard.

The PDF Association has graciously agreed to host the test suites as well as the documentation for same.

Documentation & Release Notes

This publication documents this test suite as well as giving general background material on the ISO 16612-2 PDF/VT standard, providing detailed information regarding the PDF/VT test files, their characteristics, their use, and restrictions upon such use as well as release notes. It also documents the PDF/VT Test File Project at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo during the 2013 Winter and Spring academic quarters.

Please download and read at least the first sections through the release notes before attempting to download and use the test files themselves:

Test Files

Please note the following restrictions associated with the test files:

  1. These files may not be publicly redistributed from any other venue than the PDF Association website.
  2. The files of the Cal Poly GrC PDF/VT Test File Suite may be freely distributed and used for testing and demonstration purposes, public or private, with the condition that they may not be altered in any manner
  3. All digital imagery used in these documents was donated by the student participants in the Cal Poly GrC PDF/VT Test File Project. The test files may be distributed, printed, and displayed with the imagery intact. However, the imagery may not be extracted and used for any other purposes whatsoever.
  4. The source InDesign documents, digital images, and data files are not available for distribution. The publicly-distributed test files consist strictly of the PDF/VT-1 files generated from such documents, digital images, and data files.
  5. The Cal Poly GrC PDF/VT Test File Suite is offered “as-is” with no implied warranty of any type.

Each of the test files is separately downloadable as a ZIP file:

Problem Reporting & Suggestions

Please feel free to report any problems (in the PDF/VT-1 files or the documentation or to offer suggestions for future enhancements of this test suite to Dov Isaacs at <dov@dovisaacs.com> or Howard Vogl at <hvogl@calpoly.edu>.

Your feedback will be most appreciated. Thank you!

The PDF/VT Test File Project is sponsored and supported by Adobe Systems Incorporated and XMPie, a Xerox Company.

Logos of CalPoly GrC, Adobe Systems Inc., and XMPie

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