Artifex Software is pleased to announce the release of MuPDF 1.16

Lisa Fenn // September 20, 2019

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NOVATO, CA, September 19, 2019 – Artifex Software, Inc., a leading provider of core technologies for document handling and management, is pleased to report the release of MuPDF 1.16.

With this latest release, MuPDF now offers PDF support for the Web. With the addition of WebAssembly build targets, MuPDF can now quickly be integrated into your Web app with just a few lines of code.

Additional feature enhancements include:

  • A new and improved forms API
  • Improved functions to verify and sign PDF documents
  • Added functions for text redactions
  • The ability to show embedded raster images in SVG and XHTML documents
  • The option to add/remove/change encryption and passwords when saving PDF files

We’ve also made significant improvements to our forms handling, text extraction from LaTeX documents, and a number of updates have been made to the mutool functionality.

Detailed information for this release and more can be found in the release notes for versions 1.15 and 1.16.

New and Improved MuPDF Viewer for iOS

We’ve just released a totally revamped MuPDF Viewer for iOS. This free app boasts a new and improved UI making it quick and easy to access and annotate PDF documents from your iOS device.

MuPDF Viewer also supports ePUB, XPS, and CBZ documents for viewing, making it one of the most complete mobile solution available.

Check out the new and improved MuPDF Viewer for iOS on the App Store. An update to our MuPDF Viewer for Android will be released later this year.

About Artifex Software, Inc.
For over 25 years Artifex Software has provided premier printing and document management solutions to top-level global customers including Google, HP, Adobe, Oracle, Dropbox, IBM, Kyocera, Oce, Ricoh, Caldera, BlackBerry, and Intuit. With teams of engineers and leadership talent on three continents, North America, Europe, and Asia we are positioned to help ensure your technology needs are met. Visit us on our Artifex page.


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