The agenda of PDF Days Europe 2020 shows "All Dimensions of PDF"!

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Monday, April 27, 2020
Matt Kuznicki, Thomas Zellmann, PDF Association
Matt Kuznicki (Matt Kuznicki), Thomas Zellmann (PDF Association)

Thomas Zellmann
Will be announced separately

11:15 Coffee break
PDF for users MARS CYCLES - The fictional company
Products and use cases
PDF for developers
How to master document quality
Challenges in modern document processing and how to master them!
Ursina De Nando (PDF Tools AG)

Clouds on MARS
Is your cloud content strategy a ticking time bomb?
Carsten Heiermann (Foxit Corporation)

PDF/A-4, PDF/R-1 and the other new PDF standards
A new dated revision of PDF 2.0 will soon be published and comes with a whole series of related standards.
Rene Rebe (ExactCODE GmbH), Dietrich von Seggern (callas software GmbH)

12:30 Lunch
Robotic Process Automation and PDF
Robo-PDF Apocalypse or Automated PDF Utopia?
Neil Pitman (Aquaforest Limited)

PassportPDF: the New Way to Go PDF, on Earth and Beyond
PassportPDF is a cloud ecosystem offering microservices to simplify Mars Cycles' digital transformation
Elodie Tellier (Orpalis)

Building the Best Tagged PDF for Content Reuse
Tagged PDF for Mainstream Use Cases
Matthew Hardy (Adobe)

How to help AI get the most from legacy archives
OCR reloaded for scanned documents and TIFF files
Thomas Zellmann (Foxit Corporation)

Thomas Zellmann
Secure Documents
Sealing PDFs for the long-term archive
Bernd Wild (intarsys AG)

The Tagged PDF Best Practice Guide: Syntax
Why and how to use this guidelines
Klaas Posselt (Einmanncombo)

15:00 Coffee break
3 ways to achieve PDF accessibility
Which way is the best for you?
Markus Erle (axes4 GmbH)

Preservation of interactive forms for MARS travelers
Consistent HTML interface with support for PDF forms
Jozef Baranec (PDFix)

OpenType Variable and OpenType SVG Fonts in PDF
Short Term Workarounds & Long Term Full Support
Dov Isaacs (Adobe)

How machine learning is revolutionizing PDF accessibility.
How machine learning approaches to high volume document accessibility is eliminating barriers to previously inaccessible and cost prohibitive content.
Adam Spencer (AbleDocs)

My Mars Cycles Magazine
A story about flexible PDF output automation for individualized print products – from the real life
Ingo Röseler (SNAP Innovation)

Support of complex scripts in PDF
Lego game of text composition and text extraction algorithms
Alexey Subach (iText BVBA)

Barrierefreie PDF mit Microsoft Office (in German language)
Neuerungen in Office 2019/365
Dirk Frölich (PC & EDV Support)

A graphical workflow editor for business process modeling
Automated creation of user manuals for Mars Cycles models with all their options. A new graphical workflow editor allows for setting up and testing business processes.
Michael Karbe (Actino Software GmbH), Dietrich von Seggern (callas software GmbH)

Tagged PDF and HTML interoperability
The real world experience with implementing derivation HTML from PDF algorithm and creating Tagged PDFs from HTML-like documents
Ilya Idamkin (Dual Lab sprl), Roman Toda (Normex)

Roman Toda
Evening Event
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Tuesday, April 28, 2020
09:00 Lightning breakfast

Enjoy a delicious breakfast and interesting short sessions! The lightning  breakfast covers 6 diverse subjects in just 8 minutes apiece!


WTPDF: standards development in progress
A specification for reusable PDF
Duff Johnson (PDF Association)

Duff Johnson

A case for the PDF detectives
Cracking curious cases
Michael Demey (iText BVBA)

PDF and Open Source
How far can you get?
Francois Fernandes (Digital Frontiers GmbH & Co. KG)


What’s new with SafeDocs
A brief update on the first ~9 months of DARPA SafeDocs research program.
Peter Wyatt (Peter Wyatt)

Peter Wyatt

Contributing to PDFium
Learn now PSPDFKit builds on and improves world’s most popular PDF library.
Peter Steinberger (PSPDFKit GmbH)

PDF Techniques for WCAG – the better way
Answer of the PDF community to the need of achieving WCAG compliance in pdf
Roman Toda (Normex)

Roman Toda


10:30 Coffee break
PDF for users MARS CYCLES - The fictional company
Products and use cases
PDF for developers
Signing, Sealing and Timestamping of PDF
The right way to compliant and reliably signed documents
Bernd Wild (intarsys AG)

The reason why my MARS ECM needs PDF as the main format
enaio on earth and beyond
Dr. Olaf Holst (Optimal Systems GmbH)

veraPDF model for PDF/UA and WCAG requirements
Open-source implementation of PDF/UA validation and beyond
Boris Doubrov (Dual Lab sprl)

Boris Doubrov
Intelligent Information Management for Digital Enterprises based on 3Dpdf
End-to-end digitalization of 3D product information for Digital Engineering, Manufacturing and Services
Sven Kleiner (em engineering methods AG)

Beyond PDF 2.0
What is the ISO Committee working on next?

12:30 Lunch
13:30 A few minutes with a PDF developer
PDF vendors show off their products and solutions in a race against the clock!
PDF Association Unconference
How to participate in our Unconference
Duff Johnson (PDF Association)

Duff Johnson
14:45 Unconference

Attendees post proposals before the Unconference starts; sessions are chosen by popular vote of the attendees.

15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Unconference (continued)
Member Meeting
Directly after the last session
Thomas Zellmann (PDF Association)

Thomas Zellmann


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Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - Post-Conference
09:30 - 16:30

PDF Future Features Hackathon

What are the “must-have” features for PDF 3.0?

Peter Wyatt
Peter Wyatt (Peter Wyatt)

Language: English

Barrierefreie PDFs direkt aus dem InDesign-Layout erstellen – mit axaio MadeToTag.

Sie wollen barrierefreie PDF-Dokumente mit möglichst wenig Aufwand erstellen? Mit ein wenig Grundlagenwissen können Sie dies aus InDesign und mit axaio MadeToTag erreichen – ohne manuelle Nacharbeit im PDF!

Karina Zander (axaio software GmbH)

Language: German

PDF Accessibility Best Practice

Aktuelle Situation der Gesetze und Richtlinien, Use Cases, Workflows & Werkzeuge, Praxiswissen, Inspiration

Markus Erle (axes4 GmbH)

Language: German

Subject to alterations

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