3-Heights™ PDF Validator ensures PDF/A-compliant document management for the plan-box construction project room

Nadine Schuppisser // August 7, 2014

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The plan-box construction project room has been in operation for 12 years and proves its worth on a daily basis with more than 5,000 users and around 250 projects. Big-name customers use plan-box to manage large-scale construction projects with a construction volume of up to 1 billion Swiss francs – such as the Bürgenstock Resort and the Migros Länderpark shopping mall in Stans. The web solution supports its customers in a range of areas, from data organization, data exchange, electronic archiving, and communication between project participants to calls for tenders. The system is developed and operated in Switzerland.

Application requirements

With the plan-box construction project room web application, plans, documents and protocols for various construction projects such as houses, offices, commercial buildings and public buildings can be stored, processed, and electronically archived after project completion. plan-box needed a new function to verify the PDF/A compliance of these documents by means of a gatekeeper program before they are archived.


The 3-Heights™ PDF Validator software from PDF Tools AG was chosen due to the robustness of the solution and the company’s many years of experience in the PDF field. plan-box integrated the components into the web application by means of and SQL Server.

Customer Benefits

Several thousand construction planners throughout Switzerland use the plan-box construction planning room to manage and archive the documents from their building projects. At present, around 5,000 PDF documents are processed each month. Users of the solution can individually choose whether to perform the validation in real time or as a batch process. The 3-Heights™ PDF Validator ensures quality throughout the entire document process and guarantees that only PDF/A-compliant documents are automatically added to the archive.

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Nadine Schuppisser