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Ensuring long-term access: PDF validation with JHOVE?

Naturally, many memory institutions use JHOVE’s PDF module on a daily basis for digital long term archiving. Learn about the extent to which JHOVE’s PDF validation tools can be used for risk management and quality assurance when seeking to assure long term access to documents. [...]

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PDF Day: The ROI

How can you benefit from PDF Day? Join IT managers and executives in Washington DC on December 10 and 11 to learn all about how PDF can reduce costs and improve business processes across the organization! [...]

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The unsung hero in the “paper wars”

PDF is the big gun in the war on paper. It’s time the ECM industry gave up its TIFF based model for electronic documents and embraced the Portable Document Format. [...]

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CIOs and thought leaders to meet in New York City and Washington DC for PDF Day

With the PDF Days, taking place in the USA for the first time, the PDF Association is offering IT executives and managers an outstanding opportunity to gain an understanding of the capabilities and true power of this proven, open, standards-based technology everyone already uses [...]

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PDF in legal: now and the future

As a fixed-format electronic record PDF has no real competition, but few law-firms systematically leverage PDF to reduce risks and help everyone work as a team. [...]

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PDF in financial services: now and the future

Although they are utterly reliant on PDF, modern financial services institutions still leverage only the most rudimentary fraction of PDF’s capabilities. [...]


Both symbol and substance of interoperability

Mere publication of a specification doesn’t make a standard: it takes a community. Of course, it also helps if the customers like the product, and use it more and more. [...]


PDF: A lifeblood technology of government

Government requirements for electronic documents include considerations most businesses don’t need to address. From long-term archivability to accessibility, authenticity, redaction and more, government organizations think about documents a little differently. [...]

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PDF/A-3 vs. PDF

At PDF Day in Washington DC and New York City, CIOs will get the information they need about PDF/A-3, the powerful subset of PDF with the potential to shorten payment cycles, reduce administrative costs and enable new means of collaboration. [...]

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CIOs and thought leaders to meet in New York City and Washington DC for PDF Day

PDF Day brings CIOs together to learn how PDF support for digital signatures, automated invoicing, online collaboration and accessibility take the format far beyond a faithful rendition of a printable page. PDF is familiar, but also, woefully underutilized. [...]