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What’s unique about PDF?

Taken together, PDF’s features describe a format of such flexibility and power that it will define the essential “electronic document” concept forever. [...]

HTTP, URI, HTML, CSS, PDF, DOM, JavaScript, SVG, MathML. "PDF" is highlighted.

3 reasons web developers are attending the PDF Technical Conference 2015

Most browsers now support some basic PDF features natively. What’s next for PDF on the web? [...]

A concrete base branded "PDF".

PDF is a Platform

Platform technologies provide the infrastructure for the applications end users actually use, whether some kind of cloud or simply leveraging something as prosaic as… PDF. [...]


PDF Technical Conference 2015 at Adobe headquarters to offer 360° view of ISO PDF standards

PDF Technical Conference 2015: With over 40 presentations and podium discussions, conference attendees will benefit from intensive technical education on a wide range of high-profile subjects, including mobile and cloud applications [...]

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3 ways developers can impress the boss with PDF

This article highlights three areas in which PDF can help developers offer powerful new options to their product and project managers. [...]


Overview of the video recordings of the PDF Days Europe 2015

You missed the PDF Days Europe 2015? Never mind! Overview of the video recordings of the PDF Days Europe 2015 [...]

Google filetype search for "PDF". 1,640,000,000 hits.

What is Google parsing?

How search engine and other application developers can enhance their PDF-related functionality by fully supporting ISO 32000, the ISO specification for PDF. [...]

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What will PDF 2.0 bring?

A brief introduction to PDF 2.0, the first major revision of the PDF specification since 2006. [...]

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PDF Technical Conference 2015: Program

The PDF Technical Conference 2015 is a unique opportunity to learn about the diverse capabilities and ecosystem of the ISO standardized Portable Document Format. [...]


PDF Days Europe 2015 established as Europe’s leading PDF standards event

2015’s PDF Days Europe in Cologne has proved a complete success for another year running [...]