PDF/VT: What It Is and Why It’s Needed

How the PDF/VT standard can best be used, its benefits and its current limitations. PDF/VT is a work in progress and is not yet ready to replace existing infrastructure, but will eventually offer quite a boon to designers and print service providers who face numerous challenges every day in trying to find new ways to promote their customers. [...]

100th German Library Day Steps into the Future with PDF/A

More than 3,000 librarians from all provinces will exchange experiences and learn about new trends and developments in librarianship, including PDF/A, which has established itself gradually as the preferred archival format. PDF/A, the ISO 19005 standard for long-term archiving in PDF format, is increasingly used in libraries, both for digital documents and legacy content conversion. The PDF/A Competence Center will host a booth (booth 14 b) where visitors can learn about legacy content conversion, the metadata contained in the PDF/A standard and other relevant topics, as well as information about PDF/A-2. [...]

Freeware* Cursor Tool Indicates PDF, Doc, Exe File Links

Ghacks.net is reporting the release of a free userscript called Cursor Indicator that changes the appearance of a cursor when it is moved over a supported file link, such as zip, doc, exe, pdf, txt, xls and e-mail. [...]

The Basics: “Saving As” PDF/A

In his blog for Adobe, Rick Borstein recommends “Save As” as the “easiest way to apply the transformations necessary to existing PDFs such as embedding fonts, setting color spaces and the other twenty or so checks that Acrobat can undertake to conform to the PDF/A specification.” His tips will show beginners how to use Acrobat 9 and Acrobat X to make a document conform to PDF/A-1b. [...]

Antivirus Developers! PDF Is Not a “Surprise”!

I expect antivirus software developers to consider that an image filter could be used to encode non-image objects. If they do not expect such a possibility then they have failed in their chosen responsibility. Does the blame for this threat vector lie with PDF, or does it lie with software providers who claim to protect users from viruses and worms? [...]

PDF Viewers Take to the Cloud

If you like working in the cloud, some PDF viewers are right at home there too. [...]

PDF/A Competence Center Newsletter: Issue 21

Topics include PDF/A and its relevance for digital long-term archiving in libraries and archives. Also, the PDF/A Competence Center will be at the 100th German Librarian’s Day conference in Berlin. More than 3000 participants from public, research and business libraries and archives are expected to attend, taking advantage of this unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with the newest information and knowledge, and to take new ideas and challenges back with them. How will you archive (and ensure long-term access to) your important information? [...]

Going Green with PDF

“Paper products represent the largest portion of the United States’ trash, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In 2007, they made up roughly 68 million tons (or a little over a quarter) of all materials in the municipal waste stream.” PDF can help. [...]

PDF Tips: Making Scanned Files Editable

Kethy Lee offers a step-by-step guide in How to Make Scanned PDF Editable with Google Docs. [...]

PDF 101: File Type Pros and Cons

Overview of pros and cons of the PDF file format for beginners; looks at build, security, compression and ability to modify. Factors For Making Use Of PDF – A Backgrounder on PDFs Benefits and Drawbacks is intended to help new users determine if PDF is the right file type for their needs. [...]