Your Password Can Be Your Weakest Link

Your encryption is only as strong as your password. Using AES encryption, alphanumeric passwords of more than 6 characters and other tips are the subject of PDFlib’s security recommendations article. [...]

What Can PDF Permission Settings Do for You?

PDF can encode various restrictions on document operations, such as printing, editing, copying and extraction, and signing, based on permission settings. Permissions can also determine if a document is encrypted in all or in part, or encrypt an attachment. Would you like to learn more about permissions? [...]

PDF: Security 101

PDF offers a host of security options for document protection. From user and master passwords to open files, permission settings for printing or extracting text, to encryption, information contained in a PDF document can be protected in a number of ways. Would you like to learn more? [...]

PDF/A: A Standard for Document Archiving

TIFF/G4 has competition in the form of PDF/A, says SEAL Systems. The company offers a nicely packaged overview of PDF/A and its software options. [...]

PDF/VT – the ISO Standard for Variable Data Printing (VDP) Applications

A whitepaper by PDF Tools offers insight into the developing PDF/VT standard, including the differences between PDF/VT-1, PDF/VT-2 and PDF/VT-2s. It also covers the advantages and applications of PDF/VT, available tools and market reaction. Couldn’t you use a little more insight into PDF/VT? [...]

PDF/A for Digital-Born Documents

As file source applications are rapidly being developed, many companies have to scramble to maintain their old apps and the platforms on which they operate—at a considerable cost and effort—simply to maintain the readability and authentic display of data. Wouldn’t you like to know how to make use of PDF/A for long term archiving of documents that are created digitally in order to achieve uniformity, searchability and cost-effectiveness? [...]


What is PDF/A? What does PDF/A offer, and how can I access that value? Answers to these and other questions are provided. [...]

Advantages of PDF/A

Electronic documents have countless advantages over traditional archiving formats (e.g. paper or microfilm). Improved accessibility alone may substantiate the implementation of an electronic archive. Wouldn’t you like to know more about the advantages of a PDF/A archive over a TIFF or a paper-based archive? [...]

Recommendations for PDF/A

A survey of implementation examples of PDF/A from across industries. Examines standard eBilling in banks and insurance companies, digital format sustainability in archives and libraries, and other factors in the public sector and government. [...]