PDF/A: Boon or Bane of the US Legal Market?

The ever-increasing use of the archival version of the PDF standard brings with it many questions, both from individual users and from support teams. We can help. [...]

ISO Standards: Update from Bellevue

The twice-annual PDF Standards Week for the winter of 2011-2012 was hosted by Microsoft in their Bravern facility in Bellevue, Washington during the first week of December, 2011. Present to conduct the meetings were delegates from Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, South Africa, the UK and the US. This article summarizes developments in Bellevue. [...]

PDF Association Newsletter: Issue 23

In this Issue: The Legal Case for PDF/A; PDF Association Member LuraTech Europe GmbH; CeBIT 2012; LegalTech 2012; New Members [...]

The Long-Term Retention of Emails

All business leaders today know that a large portion of their organization’s value lies in its documents. Documents also form the basis for demonstrating proof in legal disputes. The flood of emails in businesses is now requiring archivists to confront the special demands of retaining digital documents. This challenge is too often left up to the suppliers of archiving systems alone. What should you do? [...]

The Legal Case for PDF/A

It’s not just law firms that need to keep documents for a long period of time, but it sometimes feels like this industry takes the concept to a whole new level! In addition to the thousands of paper documents nearly every firm accumulates, most companies now have the need to operate some form of digital document storage and make use of so-called “Document Management Systems”. This means that many law firms now have the need to maintain (at least) two types of document archive, i.e. paper & digital. [...]

PDF/A: What Have We Learned in Six Years?

Even a little knowledge can help avoid unnecessary costs. Careful planning and reserving budget for consulting services during the preliminary planning phases can help avoid higher costs during the realization phases. [...]

What’s PDF Week?

“PDF week” is an informal name for a meeting of ISO Committees that operate and develop several international standards for everyone’s favorite file format. These meetings generally happen twice a year and are the opportunity to decide the future course of standards related to PDF. Are you interested in attending the meeting? [...]

PDF/A Competence Center at ARMA Conference & Exposition

The PDF Association provided PDF/A education at ARMA’s 2011 Conference and Exposition – and picked up some good information about how records-managers see PDF/A. From making a file unalterable, to deactivating PDF/A, to its relationship with digital signatures, see what questions attendees asked and perhaps become more proactive in how you present your products. [...]

Digital Archiving Projects with PDF/A

If one wants to eliminate mountains of paper records and the associated retention costs, then the implementation of a legally binding digital archiving system cannot be avoided. But are corporations and their project leaders sufficiently prepared for this? [...]