PDF Association Newsletter: Issue 26

 Overview CURRENT NEWS  DMS EXPO 2012 – Members and presentations FEATURE ARTICLE  PDF/A-3 EVENTS NEW MEMBERS Dear Readers, The DMS Expo offers a great opportunity [...]

Why PDF?

What’s the purpose of PDF? Why not simply send DOC or XLS files, or links to Google docs, or web pages? Why bother with PDF?

Few think about the instinctive need for PDF, but millions of people worldwide use PDF technology for efficient and reliable delivery of electronic documents. [...]

Solutions for the production of Human Resources (HR) documents

Gesellschaft für Innovative Personalwirtschaftssysteme mbH (GIP) is a managed service provider headquartered in Offenbach, (near Frankfurt), Germany. The company provides software and services to the public sector across Germany, providing solutions that aid the production of Human Resources (HR) documents for 2.5 million public servants. [...]

DMS EXPO: PDF Association to advise on new uses for PDF/A

This year, visitors to the DMS EXPO will once again find a comprehensive range of information about the PDF/A standard for quality-controlling and archiving electronic documents. Part 2 (PDF/A-2), published last year, is already a key component in many long-term archiving projects. Very soon, PDF/A-3 will be published by the ISO. At the DMS EXPO, PDF Association members will give a number of speeches and presentations to demonstrate what these different parts of PDF/A mean and their potential uses. They will also be available to answer questions about PDF/A at their stands around the show. [...]

ROSENDAHLS front-runner for PDF/A compliancy in Denmark

Danish media services provider Rosendahls implements callas pdfaPilot to supply accessible PDF/A documents for public authorities The Rosendahls group is a company with a rich [...]

Proceedings PDFA Conference 2009

Proceedings 2009 – 3rd International PDF/A Conference in Berlin

In Summer 2009 the 3rd International PDF/A Conference took place in Berlin. This is a compilation of all articles and presentations [...]

“Achieving WCAG 2.0 with PDF/UA” now available

This document describes the relationship between WCAG 2.0 and ISO 14289-1:2012 (PDF/UA), the international standard for accessible PDF technology. [...]

High-Performance Creation and Printing of PDF Documents from ERP Systems

INTEGRAL concept provides comprehensive EDP (electronic data processing) services to their customers. The company’s main pillar is their business solution software MECHANIK 3000, an ERP [...]

Automated Printer Management for PDF Documents in new Sales Software

IREKS GmbH, founded in 1856, is a world-leading manufacturer of baking ingredients and brewing malt. More than 2,300 employees work in the corporation. The company’s [...]

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PDF Association Newsletter: Issue 25

PDF/A at the medical services centre of Greifswald – Member of the month: DMI – PDF/A in Healthcare Webinar – PDF/A training class in Norway – Duff Johnson speaks at 15th Annual Accessing Higher Ground Conference – Thirteen new members [...]