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Helping government understand PDF

Governments have a special interest in PDF. The PDF Association helps them understand and address PDF technology in policies and regulations. [...]

PDF Days Europe 2016

PDF Days Europe sees record number of attendees

This year, PDF Days Europe is well-established as the world’s top PDF event. Over 150 attendees came to Berlin for the two-day conference – more than ever before. [...]

Matt Kuznicki

Introducing the New Chairman

I’m honored to have been elected as chairman of the PDF Association’s board of directors in June 2016. Here, I’d like to introduce myself and discuss my philosophy on how the PDF Association can best help both its members and the world. [...]

PDF Days Europe 2016

First video recordings of the PDF Days Europe 2016

About 150 attendees from all over the world visited the PDF Days Europe 2016 in Berlin.

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What does “support PDF” really mean?

Minimum support for PDF viewing means full support for PDF rendering [...]

PDF Days Europe 2016

Live streaming of PDF Days Europe 2016

For those unable to come to Berlin to attend the «PDF Days Europe 2016», several sessions of the event will be streamed live over the PDF Association Channel on YouTube. Simply click on the respective YouTube Link below to watch the listed broadcasts. [...]

PDF 2.0

PDF 2.0 is feature-complete. What comes next?

PDF 2.0 is nearly finished. Now is an excellent time to help the ISO committee understand your ideas for the future of PDF. [...]

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The case for PDF forms

Many organizations use PDF merely to offload printing to end-users. They miss out, because not only does PDF offer a potent platform for forms workflows, PDF includes unique capabilities that aren’t available in HTML. [...]

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PDF in the Mobile World

The variety in screen sizes and shapes is a challenge for web technology in general, and for PDF in particular. Even so, many PDF vendors are delivering technology for the n-screen world. [...]



PDF and EPUB meet different needs in different ways. Neither can replace the other. [...]