14 October: World Standards Day 2013 celebrates “positive change”

Each year on 14 October the World Standards Day is celebrated. [...]

Adobe announces PDF Print Engine 3

Adobe today announces Adobe PDF Print Engine 3. The new version can be configured with the Mercury RIP Architecture. Print Engine 3 handles continuously streamed PDF and the ISO standard PDF/VT for personalized printing. [...]

Accessibility Forever: The Library of Congress prefers PDF/UA to PDF/A alone

The US Library of Congress states a preference for PDF/UA conformance over PDF/A alone. [...]

PDF/UA Tools Begin Emerging

Quite an impressive number of PDF/UA tools available – just less than a half year after PDF/UA standard’s publication [...]

Video Streams from the Technical Conference 2012

Presentations given at the Technical Conference 2012 organized by the PDF Association, March 27-28, 2012 in Basel, Switzerland are now available, and can be found [...]

CeBIT 2012: PDF Association Has the Answers to Your Questions About PDF Standards and Solutions

At CeBIT 2012 our experts will be on-hand to answer questions and provide standards-compliant solutions for all PDF formats.

Professional Association Expands to Cover All PDF Standards

The PDF/A CC’s organizers have introduced an overarching body, the PDF Association. The PDF/A CC will continue to exist beneath/within the PDF Association alongside sister CCs focused on other PDF standards, such as PDF/VT (ISO 16612) for variable data printing and PDF/UA (expected to become ISO 14289 in 2012) for accessibility. There will also be a Competence Center for PDF itself (ISO 32000). [...]

PDF Is Dead, Long Live PDF/A

As far as the U.S. Courts are concerned, PDF is on life support, says DocsCorp. The company is offering a webinar on PDF/A on April 29, 2011 for firms to learn to create documents that comply with court requirements In its posting on the Legal IT Professionals website, DocsCorp says, “Many courts have announced that law firms can now file case documents with the CM/ECF in PDF/A, while others such as the U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh has stated that ‘ALL Court ECF filings uploaded on or after January 1, 2012, MUST be in PDF/A format.’” [...]