French version of “PDF/A in a Nutshell 2.0” available

PDF/A l’essentiel 2.0 – PDF pour l’archivage à long terme is the french translation of PDF/A in a Nutshell 2.0. You can read the brochure online or download a free PDF version. [...]

PDF Day in Washington DC and New York City!

The PDF Day events in Washington DC and New York City offer executives and managers high-level, non-commercial information to improve their understanding of how PDF fits into their technology infrastructure, and what they could do to further leverage it. [...]

The PDF – we can’t do without it

Not all document formats have managed to become a standard and nowhere near enough deliver what they promise. So what can or should we expect [...]

Fogra’s ISO TC 130 news: Work on PDF/Live and PDF/X-next at London meeting in March 2014

Fogra’s “ISO News 17″ provides detailed information about the meetings of ISO TC 130 (the ISO technical committees on “Graphic technology”) in London in March 2014. PDF related work items play a substantial role – latest developments on PDF/Live for variable data printing, PDF/X-next, black point compensation, metadata in proofing workflows, colour data exchange using XML (CxF) are reported. Fogra’s “ISO News” series can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF or EPUB. [...]

callas pdfaPilot 5 adds email archiving as PDF/A

Berlin, 13 March 2014 – callas software GmbH, a provider of powerful PDF technology for publishing, printing production and document archiving, has just launched version [...]

14 October: World Standards Day 2013 celebrates “positive change”

Each year on 14 October the World Standards Day is celebrated. [...]

Adobe announces PDF Print Engine 3

Adobe today announces Adobe PDF Print Engine 3. The new version can be configured with the Mercury RIP Architecture. Print Engine 3 handles continuously streamed PDF and the ISO standard PDF/VT for personalized printing. [...]

Accessibility Forever: The Library of Congress prefers PDF/UA to PDF/A alone

The US Library of Congress states a preference for PDF/UA conformance over PDF/A alone. [...]

PDF/UA Tools Begin Emerging

Quite an impressive number of PDF/UA tools available – just less than a half year after PDF/UA standard’s publication [...]