Adobe Proposes PDF’s Transparency Model for W3C’s CSS

Rik Cabanier, from Adobe Systems, contributed a draft document to W3C’s CSS working group on April 5, 2012, describing how CSS might be extended by essentially the same transparency model as known in the PDF format. [...]

AIIM Research: Progress Toward a Paperless Workspace

Citing highly improved response time to customer inquiries, organizations responding to inquiries by AIIM for a research report said sharability and searchability were the biggest drivers for investment in scanning and capture technologies. “Using data capture software improves the processing of high volumes of documentation, and also allows customizable sort and easy data entry for quick sharing and fast searching capabilities,” according to the AIIM research report The Paper Free Office – Dream or Reality. “This saves businesses the time and money that would otherwise be used to store and manually file documentation.”

Bryn Mawr Embraces PDF for Accounts Payable

The Bryn Mawr Controller’s Office has announced that it will use a fillable PDF version of the Accounts Payable Request for Payment. The Assistant Controller recommends it for saving time for frequently paid staffers. “Since you would only need to complete a portion of the form going forward it will reduce the amount of time it takes to complete!” says Annemarie Thompson. [...]

Amazon’s Kindle Application Gets PDF and Periodical Support

Amazon has added a PDF reader to the Kindle application for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch that will “open PDFs from within Mail or Safari on the device, or PDFs transferred via iTunes,” says Ars Technica. “The PDF reader is enhanced with support for PDF table of contents and thumbnail navigation for quickly jumping through the document.” [...]

Google Analytics Offers PDF Exporting

Google has announced that PDF export functionality will be part of its soon-to-be-released analytics interface. John Rampton at Search Engine Watch reports that other new features will include email scheduling and mobile ad performance metrics in Google Analytics. The new features are expected to roll out over the next couple weeks. [...]

Botanical Group Chooses PDF for E-Publication

The International Botanical Congresses (IBC) has decided to embrace PDF. According to a post on the group’s website, “Electronic material published online in Portable Document Format (PDF) with an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) or an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) will constitute effective publication.” Changes will go into effect on 1 January 2012. Read the full article for more information. [...]