PDF is a hot topic at drupa 2016

At drupa 2016, the world’s leading trade show for graphic and industrial print as well as media and multichannel, PDF is a hot topic. [...]

veraPDF 0.14 drops with launch of demo website

Along with 65 new atomic test suite files, the 0.14 release features validation of all parts and conformance levels of PDF/A. [...]

Apple’s True Tone brings color management parity to iOS

Apple’s latest tablet brings ColorSync functionality to iOS. [...]

AIIM’s Standards Award goes to PDF Association Executive Director

PDF Association Executive Director Duff Johnson wins the Thomas Bagg Standards Award. [...]

The latest developments in digital printing and PDF/X

The 2016 PSD handbook version is published – German version will be provided soon. [...]

PDF from a USB key keeps things cool

PDF’s value-proposition is exemplified by a USB key developed to monitor temperatures in shipping containers. [...]

PDF/UA from Google Docs is coming soon!

An optional PDF/UA conversion add-on will soon allow users to create PDF/UA documents from Google Docs. [...]

veraPDF 0.12 now available

veraPDF 0.12 features improved PDF/A-2b and PDF/A-3b validation and a complete REST API. [...]

AIIM announces publication of ANSI/AIIM/ISO 14289-1:2016

PDF/UA is the newest US National Standard, and it’s available for only $15 from aiim.org! [...]

Apache PDFBox 2.0 lands

It’s a milestone release for this open source, permissively-licensed Java software for PDF creation and processing. [...]