New York Times: Print is far from dead

Paper is still with us. [...]

New PRC-based 3D PDF component released

Announcing a new 3D PDF solution using PRC. [...]

Phil Ydens and Jon Callas to keynote at the PDF Technical Conference 2015

2 PDF-packed days; 3 tracks, 37 sessions, and two great keynote speakers: Adobe’s Phil Ydens and Silent Circle’s Jon Callas! [...]

veraPDF consortium releases 0.4 of its prototype PDF/A validator

The 0.4 release includes the first complete (in principle) PDF/A-1b validation profile, and while unverified, tests well against the internal corpora. [...]

Microsoft adds “Print to PDF” native to Windows 10

PDF creation is now native in Windows. [...]

New PDF/A and PDF/UA flyers are here!

Official PDF Association PDF/A and PDF/UA flyers updated [...]

Unicode 8 core specification now available

The complete specification for Unicode 8.0 is now available, with 7,716 new characters. [...]

veraPDF consortium issues first public software release

Release 0.2 of veraPDF does not yet perform PDF/A validation, but as a proof-of-concept it demonstrates the approach selected for project. [...]

Sophos: Google easily fooled by PDF link-farms

Link-farming with PDF (still) fools Google. What are they parsing, and what are they doing with what they get? [...]

Samsung may soon support PDF annotation features

Will Android heavyweight Samsung introduce PDF annotation support? [...]