PDF Technical Conference 2015: Registration now open!

The PDF Technical Conference 2015 in San Jose, California this coming October offers a unique collection of developer-oriented resources to help non-experts grow PDF-specific knowledge. [...]

First set of candidate veraPDF corpus files delivered

The first set of 49 candidate test suite files has been loaded to veraPDF’s public Github repository. [...]

veraPDF consortium wins EU contract to develop the definitive open source PDF/A validator

In October 2014 the PDF Association (in association with its veraPDF consortium partners) won phase 1 of the PREFORMA contract to design and develop a definitive open-source PDF/A validator. PREFORMA has now awarded Phase 2, prototype development, to the veraPDF consortium. [...]

ISO meetings under way in San Jose

Following 24 hours of teleconference meetings ISO committee delegates and PDF Association members gather in San Jose. [...]

PDF/UA was in the air at Xplor 2015

In essence, Xplor is about doing clever things with PDF files. [...]

Adobe Systems releases “Acrobat DC” – successor to Acrobat XI

Adobe delivers the 12th major version of the software that introduced PDF. [...]

The PDF/A Adoption Survey closes April 17!

For members only, the PDF/A Adoption Survey collates impressions of the marketplace factors affecting PDF/A adoption. [...]

Adobe: “Acrobat DC” is coming in April

Adobe Systems announces Acrobat DC as its replacement for Acrobat XI. [...]

Corel’s latest Technical Suite boasts PDF/A, 3D PDF support

The X7 Technical Suite has been enhanced with new support for ISO standardized PDF technology. [...]

German TR RESISCAN bans lossy JBIG2 for legally-significant content

Germany Standards bureau bans lossy JBIG2 compression from use in German federal agencies. [...]