New Guide Shows How to Do PDF/VT Right

Practical guide from PDF Association member Global Graphics [...]

IS&T’s Archiving 2014 features PDF/A course

The IS&T Archiving 2014 will – among many other sessions and courses – also feature a PDF/A course. Instructors are Thomas Zellmann, LuraTech and Managing Director of the PDF Association, and Hans-Joachim Hübner, Satz-Rechen-Zentrum Berlin – both seasoned PDF/A experts. [...]

CeBIT: PDF Association members to show practical uses for PDF/A-3

This year at CeBIT, PDF Association members are focusing on practical uses for PDF/A-3. This version of the ISO standard opens up many new potential applications, as it allows any format file to be embedded into a PDF/A document. [...]

PDF Liberation Hackathon — Jan 17-19, 2014

The Sunlight Foundation PDF Liberation Hackathon will be held at 6 locations on the Jan 17-19, 2014, weekend. It will focus on applying PDF extraction technologies to real world problems. For more information, please see [...]

14 October: World Standards Day 2013 celebrates “positive change”

Each year on 14 October the World Standards Day is celebrated. [...]

FoxIt blog post about PDF/X standards family

When was the last time you heard “too flexible” as a criticism? Well, that’s exactly what concerned the printing and publishing industries about PDF. As the use of PDF for transferring graphic arts content files between sites, publishers, and printers has grown, so have the anomalies, idiosyncrasies and plain old incompatibilities when it comes to reliable sharing of pre-press data using various PDF software. [...]

Adobe announces PDF Print Engine 3

Adobe today announces Adobe PDF Print Engine 3. The new version can be configured with the Mercury RIP Architecture. Print Engine 3 handles continuously streamed PDF and the ISO standard PDF/VT for personalized printing. [...]

PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC2) out now!

The freeware program PDF-Accessibility-Checker (PAC 2) provides a fast way to test the accessibility of PDF files. PAC2 supports both experts as well as end users conducting accessibility evaluations. [...]

Digital born PDF/A – tough nut or (un)recognized potential?

How to overcome challenges when archiving digitally created documents – Article by Dr. Hans Bärfuss in the DOK.magazin [...]

German version of PDF/UA Standard to be available from DIN

DIN has published a draft of a German translation of the PDF/UA Standard as DIN ISO 14289-1, which can be commented on by interested parties during a two month period. [...]