The Matterhorn Protocol 1.02

PDF/UA Conformance Testing Model

Stylized image of the Matterhorn mountainTo promote adoption of PDF/UA by software developers and document testers alike, the PDF Association’s PDF/UA Competence Center developed the Matterhorn Protocol, a list of all the possible ways to fail PDF/UA.

Following the requirements of PDF/UA, the document consists of 31 Checkpoints comprised of 136 Failure Conditions.

The 1.02 release of the Matterhorn Protocol, dated April 30, 2014, provides minor editorial corrections. One checkpoint – 08-003 – has been moved and is now designated 01-007. The Matterhorn Protocol PDF is a reference-quality PDF/UA conforming file.

About PDF/UA

Published in 2012, PDF/UA is the ISO Standard for accessible PDF files and consuming software. It sets precise technical standards for accessible PDF files and establishes a high bar for tagging quality.


Download the Matterhorn Protocol using the link below.

Note: The download is a PDF file conforming to PDF/UA-1 (ISO 14289-1) and to PDF/A-2a (ISO 19005-2).

About PDF/UA Competence Center

The PDF/UA Competence Center focuses on developing a specification for accessible PDF, in particular ensuring conforming PDF files are accessible and usable to all, including those who use assistive technology.

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