PDF/A Case Study: The CGN Network Goes Through pdfaPilot to Register Balance Sheets

The first Italian data transmission network that brings together over 20,000 professionals — including accountants, tax and labour experts — has chosen callas’ package as document conversion and verification software for the PDF/A format: completely appropriate transformation and validation for the forms to be presented to the Chambers with the standard’s requirements.

Case Study

Final balance sheets, constitutional deeds, changes and operations on company shares,  business transfers, modifications to company agreements,  acquisitions, mergers, dissolutions and cancellations:  the common denominator to all the annexes to deliver to the Companies’ Register is the PDF/A format. “An obligation — says Giada Marangone, Head of Communication at CGN services — which we adapted to both early and well”.

The first Italian IT network, CGN brings together more than 20,000 professionals from the fields of accounting, law, tax and labour. They benefit from services for their day to day work such as Chamber of Commerce forms, tax obligations, legislative updates, data banks as well as consultancy and training.

The reason for a choice
“Software is also one of the tools we supply to the professionals in our network – says Marangone. So, for the conversion and validation of the files to be deposited in PDF/A format at the Chambers of Commerce we set out to find an adequate tool. And the choice–after a complete analysis– was pdfaPilot from callas software”.

It’s a product that can be used both as a standalone application and as a plug-in, which CGN’s team of developers has integrated into its own data transmission platform through which the professional members access its services.

The search for a suitable product started by looking at those pointed out on the www.pdfa.org website. Various tests were carried out, since there are tens of thousands of forms presented to the Chambers by the members of our network and it was necessary to ensure a totally suitable conversion to PDF/A.

The objective was to find the right product to meet the indispensable requirements of lightness, ease of use and non-invasiveness as regards the operating system. Indeed, CGN periodically supplies its members with a CD containing the programs which enable interaction with the network’s data transmission platform; since the PCs which the various professionals’ offices work with are very heterogeneous, at times with rather outdated operating
environments too, it was fundamental that the application could operate without changing the registry
file and without requiring particular configurations.

“All these were the key characteristics, – states Cappellato – which in the end we found in the generation and conversion tool already adopted by Infocamere, pdfaPilot, which we then decided to use ourselves.”

In this way the CGN team has enriched its new service’s data transmission platform by giving the client’s associates the same application. “The software gets copied from a CD to a directory on the hard disk and can be used right away. The package’s interface is typical of the Windows environment, it doesn’t require particular setups to function, and the execution of the operations takes place transparently”.

The professional who has to produce a deed in PDF/A, starting from the production of the texts or from a PDF file, launches the virtual printer and gets the document which is later validated by callas software pdfaPilot and which may then be sent by internet to the Chambers of Commerce Register. pdfaPilot does a good job not only in converting PDF files generated by Microsoft Office applications but also from all other sources. However, there are
situations where even pdfaPilot is not able to repair the PDF file accordingly. This is a difficult situation for somebody who is not a computer expert.

“A certain expertise with the various stages between generation and transformation of the format is needed. – Cappellato admits – To simplify the matter and to supply unreservedly valid answers in recurring cases we have created a document that summarizes the solutions to the most frequent questions received by our call center”.

A necessary move
“Based on the conversion capabilities of pdfaPilot and on the basis of our precise instructions on how to generate documents for compliance down the line – the CGN technical manager continues – they have been able to independently solve most of the problems”.

The final step for the professionals is the transmission of the deeds in PDF/A format to Infocamere’s web ‘front office’, Telemaco. “First though – adds Marangone – the form’s sensitive data is transmitted to us for a final check: this promptly ensures the “cleanliness” of what is going to be sent. In general, our task for the professionals who belong to the CGN network is to lighten their workload by speeding up their operations.”

This clearly stated role, alongside free membership, may be the decisive factor when deciding between the different providers.

“And the care which we’ve taken over the implementation of this new service should be seen in the same context”.

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