PDF Creator Server: Two Solutions for Centralized, Automated PDF Creation and Distribution

PDF Creator Products(Bochum, Germany, October 21, 2013) Soft Xpansion announces PDF Creator Server and PDF Creator Server Business Edition, two solutions for the centralized creation, design and distribution of PDF files in networks with up to five clients. Both programs convert files into PDF and distribute the resulting output – by sending it either into specified folders or by e-mail to predefined recipients. In addition, users may standardize the design of the PDF output before distribution, applying for example watermarks, stamps, headers and footers automatically.

PDF Creator Server and PDF Creator Server Business Edition are available for download directly on the Soft Xpansion website. The recommended retail prices are EUR 79,99 (PDF Creator Server) and EUR 149,- (PDF Creator Server Business Edition). Until October 31, 2013, introductory prices (EUR 49,- and EUR 99,- respectively) apply for both products.     


PDF creation via a PDF printer in networks with a maximum of five clients and 100 pages in processed files per week

Distribution of PDF files      
* Folder Watcher, including FTP (PDF Creator Server Business Edition only):  automatically converts new/changed files in monitored folders
* PDF printer sends converted files (PDFs) into a preset folder or folders (including FTP)        
* Send PDFs by e-mail (SMTP protocol) automatically or print to paper    

Source Files  
* Conversion via PDF printer: any printable file or content
* Convert without PDF printer (PDF Creator Server Business Edition only): Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, text

Output Files
* PDF/A (PDF Creator Server Business Edition only)

Design PDF files
* Digital signatures
* Define letterheads
* Define watermarks, stamps, headers, footers
* Resource manager

Monitor (Logging Functionality)
* Log and display events
* Event filter
* Process print jobs
* Performance monitor  

Users, Accounts and Profile Management
* Network users
* Personalized accounts   
* PDF profiles

Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / Server 2008 / 2003 (32- /64-Bit), Internet access

Detailed information on the PDF Creator Server products is available on the product page on the internet (http://en.soft-xpansion.eu/products/pdf-server/). It includes a comparative table of the product features of PDF Creator Server and PDF Creator Server Business Edition.

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