New Version of callas pdfToolbox 5

callas software announces a maintenance release for callas pdfToolbox 5. This maintenance release has a couple of new features, most of which are related to checking and fixing problems related to page sizes.

Improved automatic processing of PDFs

Nowadays, many PDF-files are being delivered through web-to-print, print-webshop or pdf-upload portals. For efficient processing of such files it is crucial to detect and solve as many problems as possible in an automated way. Many of these PDF files might not have correct page sizes for the respective job. Or they may contain objects close to the trimmed page size without bleed. If the PDF file was created in an Office application, it is even difficult to create pages with bleed area for such objects. In other words: The PDFs are not prepared for the needs of prepress, print and postpress.

Improved checking for bleed

The new version of pdfToolbox lets you sufficiently detect objects that are too close to the trimmed paper size. Checks can be separately set up for each edge or for even or odd pages. However, it is not only possible to detect problems, they can also be corrected…

Conditional fixes for page geometry issues

A number of fixes related to page geometry could only be executed on a complete PDF file. However, if you want to rotate only those pages that are portrait or if you want to scale only those pages that are slightly larger than the required page size, you need a more flexible solution. pdfToolbox 5.0 MR2 has a highly flexible system of defining page corrections based on rules.

The new features that have been added to the existing callas pdfToolbox 5 mainly concentrate on automatic processing. These features are an extreme advantage when working in a PDF-upload portal environment, where efficiency can only be achieved by automation.

This maintenance release is a free update for existing pdfToolbox 5 or pdfToolbox Server 5 customers.

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