Minimization of Paper-Based Files at Zurich’s Department of Education and Sport

City of Zurich’s Department of Education and Sport
The Department of Education and Sport of the City of Zurich pursues activities in numerous areas in the interest of children and young adults in Zurich. The objective is to achieve an open elementary school that offers a superior and holistic quality of education, a competitive institution that provides an important contribution to the quality of Zurich city as a location. The Department of Education and Sport employs a workforce of around 5,500.

Advellence Solutions AG
Advellence is an established Swiss consultant and service provider in the IT sector; the company also develops software for medium and large businesses as well as public administrations and institutions. Advellence offers a broad portfolio of “Enterprise Information Technology” solutions encompassing advice and analysis, planning and design, development and implementation as well as training, maintenance and support.

Application-based Requirements of the Department of Education and Sport
The introduction of the new act about the funding of childcare in Zurich had raised the question how to efficiently handle contracts in an enterprise content management environment. Regulations require all households, which receive support from the city of Zurich, to communicate changes in their household and financial situation on a yearly basis. The census forms (12’000 applications per year) reach the households by sending them through the post. For the coordination of holiday support another 60’000 holiday support applications must be processed and managed annually. Thus far these documents had be processed, mailed and archived in paper form. The entire handling was considerably simplified by means of the comprehensive solution implemented by Advellence. The solution includes the “Information Manager” ELOenterprise, an SAP interface as well as the 3-Heights™ Document Converter Service.

(PDF): Minimization of paper-based files at the City of Zurich’s Department of Education and Sport

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