Hyper.Net PDF/A Compliance Automator

The Hyper.Net PDF/A Compliance Automator automatically and intelligently ensures every compliance-related change to your organization’s content is correctly captured, converted and routed to its final destination.

Content Automation



Operating as a centralized, XML-based Web Service, the Hyper.Net PDF/A Compliance Automator gives your organization the ability to take control of information collection, conversion and archiving processes across all file formats, technologies and applications—with a single, graceful, cross-platform solution that eliminates future integration headaches.

  • Converts documents, media, emails and attachments into valid PDF/A files on demand or as they are modified based on configurable rules
  • Compiles related documents, media and emails into a single PDF/A file with a unified table of contents—ideal for records management requirements, compilation and preparation of regulatory submissions, assembling meeting or project information, encapsulating electronic folders and archiving entire workflow processes
  • Routes resulting PDF/A files to the correct end destination—including return to requestor, publication into SharePoint document libraries and/or delivery to archive systems
  • Simplifies archiving requirements by “normalizing” all content into PDF/A format


  • Converts any desired email components, including attached files and ZIP archives
  • Converts documents in any format stored in any document storage facility—including file systems, document managers, ERP systems, and information systems like SharePoint and SAP—into PDF/A whenever they are modified: full lifecycle synchronization
  • Collates and compiles all related content and generates a table of contents in every PDF
  • Creates download-link placeholders for content that can’t be converted (e.g. encrypted or password-protected content)
  • Automatically applies watermarking, metadata stamping and performs variable-value substitution
  • Enables centralized configuration of PDF/A output properties
  • Ready-to-use interfaces: Web Service (XML), pre-defined email addresses, SharePoint
  • Operates transparently and without human interaction or client software

The competitive difference

The Hyper.Net PDF/A Compliance Automater works across all file formats, technologies and applications and makes it possible to integrate, convert and archive information coming from many different sources using standard interfaces.

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