Hyper.Net Enterprise Email Converter

Hyper.Net Enterprise Email Converter

The Hyper.Net Enterprise Email Converter automatically and intelligently converts every relevant email in your business—including all embedded content and attachments—into an intuitively structured PDF or PDFA file with a table of contents.

Operating as a centralized, XML-based Web Service, the Hyper.Net Enterprise Email Converter gives your organization the ability to take control of conversion and archiving processes across all file formats, technologies and applications—with
a single, graceful, cross-platform solution that eliminates future integration headaches.

  • Converts emails and attachments to PDF or PDFA on demand
  • Converts anything that can be forwared by email into valid PDF or PDFA files (Notes content, documents, …)
  • Captures every incoming and outgoing email as a PDF or PDF/A file and routes it to the enterprise archive
  • Creates structured, compound PDF or PDFA files capturing information from meetings, events and entire workflow processes
  • Allows emails to be handled as documents by any application in your business


  • Converts any required combination of message body, headers and attachments, with support for all of today’s common file formats
  • Supports all of today’s common email formats and systems
  • Unwinds and converts the contents of nested attachments such as ZIP files
  • Generates a complete table of contents in every PDF
  • Creates download-link placeholders for content that can’t be converted (e.g. encrypted or password-protected content)
  • Automatically applies watermarking and metadata stamping
  • Enables centralized configuration of PDF output properties
  • Automatically routes each PDF to any desired destination, including return to requestor, publication into SharePoint document libraries and/or delivery to archive systems
  • Ready-to-use interfaces: Web Service (XML), pre-defined email addresses, SharePoint
  • Operates transparently and without human interaction or client software

The competitive difference

The Hyper.Net Enterprise Email Converter works across all file formats, technologies and email applications and makes it possible to integrate, convert and archive information coming from many different sources using standard

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