From Product Supplier to Full PDF/A Service Provider: LuraTech Expands Its Professional Services

(Berlin)  Given the increasing relevance and constant growth of the PDF/A format among businesses, LuraTech Europe GmbH is adding full professional services to its range of offerings. LuraTech gives real support to businesses adopting PDF/A on a strategic, comprehensive level – starting with consulting and helping to choose the right tools for the job, all the way through to implementation and start-up. Customers benefit from the firm’s many years of expertise implementing numerous projects, as well as its intensive work with international expert bodies such as the PDF/A ISO Commission and the PDF/A Competence Centre.

The PDF/A format has established itself as the archiving format of choice; document management and archiving projects are now all but unthinkable without it. PDF/A is being put to use in more and more areas. Businesses are getting positive results from PDF/A and, increasingly, choosing to adopt the ISO-certified format on a strategic, comprehensive level for long-term archiving. Along with this comes a need to implement PDF/A in core document-based business processes. Ever-greater demands are, therefore, inevitably placed on the software solutions implemented. On one hand, the volume of documents to be processed is constantly growing. On the other, the spotlight is on the operational security, stability and availability of the chosen PDF/A solution. In most cases, businesses also need increased functionality when generating, checking and processing PDF/A documents – functionality that no single out-of-the-box tool can provide in full.

The challenge, then, is to select the right tools on the market for the job and to integrate them into a single, reliable solution. This can be all but impossible, especially for those who aren’t experts in PDF/A.
Now, though, LuraTech offers a combination of PDF/A expertise and successful project implementation. The Professional Service Team will create made-to-measure solutions for businesses, integrating both LuraTech’s own products and other powerful PDF/A tools, according to the needs of the project. Thanks to its work on PDF/A committees, LuraTech has complete knowledge of all PDF/A tools on the market. The best tools for the job are selected from this range and integrated into a unique, extremely reliable solution for the customer.

Carsten Heiermann, Executive Director of LuraTech Europe GmbH, said: “Now and in the future, users are going to face the challenge of implementing PDF/A into their document-based core business processes. Rather than being just a project-based decision, PDF/A is now often introduced as a long-term format on a strategic, fundamental and comprehensive level. This is a far more demanding task.”

About LuraTech Europe GmbH

LuraTech delivers production software and document and data conversion solutions, along with bespoke services and outstanding support. LuraTech’s solutions are easy to handle and require little customisation to implement.