Enfocus releases new updates to PitStop Pro 11 and PitStop Server 11

Update 2 of industry-leading preflighting software brings new functionality to printers, publishers and designers

February 19, 2013 – Ghent, Belgium – Enfocus is pleased to announce the release of PitStop Pro 11 Update 2 and PitStop Server 11 Update 2. The new versions come with full compatibility with the latest releases of Microsoft Windows and Adobe® Acrobat®. In addition, printers and publishers will benefit from the improvements to the usability of Action List technology to increase automation even more. Both releases also include value-added new features such as Split Pages as well as improvements to existing functions. The further development of Smart Preflight enables more workflow functionality to be driven dynamically, improving productivity and preflight accuracy.

“For our more than 130.000 PitStop users worldwide, this latest update will be welcome news,” says Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager at Enfocus. “With this release, we demonstrate our commitment to keeping pace with the newest releases of world-standard software and operating systems. At the same time, we continuously add sought-after features and functionality based on customer input. This is part of our philosophy to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and underlines our industry-leading position.”

Improved functionality equals greater productivity and fewer errors

These Update 2 releases bring a number of new advantages and efficiencies for users of both PitStop Pro and PitStop Server. “Our objective with these releases is to enhance even more the ability for printers, publishers and designers to quickly and easily fix last-minute file problems and decrease the amount of manual work that is required for these professionals to accomplish their day-to-day work,” adds Bailes-Collins. “Early user feedback has been extremely positive. We are confident our users of PitStop Pro 11 and PitStop Server 11 will enjoy the benefits enabled by this free upgrade.”

System support: printers and publishers can now seamlessly deploy the Enfocus solutions as they upgrade their Microsoft environment, with the full support for Windows 8 (for PitStop Pro and PitStop Server) and Microsoft Server 12 (for PitStop Server). PitStop Pro now offers full support for Adobe Acrobat XI Standard and Pro, which will also be highly appreciated by designers.

Split Pages: a new global change in PitStop Pro – also available as an action – allows users to split pages in half, either vertically or horizontally. This is especially useful for designers, printers and publishers who receive PDF files as double page spreads and require a single page for their workflow. This new feature can even be used for de-imposing of completely imposed PDF files.

New predefined Action Lists: three new pre-defined Action Lists – available in PitStop Pro and PitStop Server – make the ‘Split Pages in Half’ action more efficient, reducing valuable prepress time for printers and publishers. Action Lists encompass the three mostly commonly used page sizes: A4, A5 and US Letter.

Enhanced Preflight Profile Editor: allows users to turn Action Lists off and on from within the Editor, with an easy check-box interface that specifies whether or not an Action List should run. In PitStop Pro, users can now also edit an Action List directly in the Preflight Profile Editor without the need to export, edit and re-import.

A new scaled Preflight Report in both PitStop Pro and PitStop Server makes a low resolution version of the report on an A4 page size that can easily be emailed. This will be of particular interest for users with PDF files with very large dimensions such as those used in large format printing, as the previous annotated reports were too large in size to allow this before.

Smart Preflight for accurate and efficient PDF preflight & correction

Enfocus is continuously extending the power of its Smart Preflight concept, with new functionality that drives productivity even further. When Smart Preflight is used within PitStop Pro, users can now select values to be used within the Preflight Profile or Action List from a user-defined dropdown menu. This is not only a faster way to access these actions, but allows printers and publishers to eliminate human error and reduce the level of expertise required to engage Smart Preflight.

Variable Sets can now be locked and encrypted, just as Preflight Profiles and Action Lists can be protected in both PitStop Pro and PitStop Server. This protects the Variable Set from being edited or copied. In addition, Action Lists in the Preflight Profile Editor can be controlled by a Boolean variable, making PDF preflighting more dynamic.


The respective Update 2 releases are immediately available at no charge to existing users of PitStop Pro 11 and PitStop Server 11, as well as users of the more recent Update 1 versions. Both products can be downloaded from the Enfocus website, www.enfocus.com. For more information, users can contact their local reseller or email sales@enfocus.com.

  • Enfocus PitStop 11 Update 2

    Update 2 of industry-leading preflighting software brings new functionality to printers, publishers and designers

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