Efficient PDF conversion with 3‑Heights™ PDF Desktop Producer and Assembler in a SaaS solution at Unico Data AG

Unico Data AG has been active on Switzerland’s ICT market since June 1991. 35 employees at the company’s headquarters in Münsingen take care of numerous customers. The company offers its customers tailor-made, comprehensive IT solutions for computer centers and networks, as well as customized software and business solutions.

Application Requirements

Customers can make use of “Software as a Service” (SaaS) from the Cloud at the Unico Data computer center. Standard software (Microsoft products, email, etc.), business software such as Navision and Abacus, and various segment-specific solutions such as Quintessenz and Galvanostar are available.

The OpenSource PDF technology previously in use was no longer able to support the new operating system. Compliance with PDF standards was poor and support services were also inadequate. Unico Data therefore went in search of a reliable partner for issues relating to PDF archiving. Their requirements included uncomplicated access to the Helpdesk, quick and easy generation of PDF documents, support for Terminal Services (Citrix, etc.) and extendibility via interface.

Compliance with common standards, cooperation based on partnership and a good price-performance ratio tipped the scales in favor of products from PDF Tools AG.


The functionality of the PDF Desktop Producer und Assembler was integrated in the existing SaaS infrastructure and made available to users via a custom-developed wizard.

Redundant terminal servers are maintained at two computer centers. All data and programs are accessible from anywhere using any end device (notebook, Mac, PC, etc.). The 3‑Heights™ PDF Desktop Producer and Assembler was installed on the terminal servers with a script. The same script can be used in future to remove old versions and install replacements. The solution package also includes a queue system with five ports to steer users clear of any bottlenecks in the printing system. It is important for the Producer to have access to multiple ports in a SaaS environment. Multiple ports ensure print jobs are handled in parallel instead of waiting for a preceding print job to be completed before starting the next one.

The eagerly anticipated improvements such as simple operation, fast support response and an efficient PDF generation process were confirmed as soon as the new tool was installed.

Customers benefit

The Cloud solution provided by Unico Data is used by various companies from different segments. Around 1,100 users currently access the DaaS/SaaS solution and benefit from an efficient and error-free conversion of their PDF documents.

Unico Data was able to fall back on a reliable partner who provided the support they needed to achieve a smooth integration of the software in their solution. Unico Data also found the rent model of software licensing very accommodating. The support for Terminal Services (Citrix), high performance and low training requirements for end users are additional ideal prerequisites for the use of the 3‑Heights™ PDF Desktop Producer and Assembler in a SaaS environment.

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About PDF Tools AG

PDF Tools AG counts more than 4,000 companies and organizations in 60 countries among its customers, making it one of the world’s leading producers of software solutions and programming components for PDF and PDF/A products.