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PDF Association LogoPDF/A is increasingly used in France. All sectors are sensitive to the sustainability of their electronic documents and the strong trend towards dematerialization reinforces this thinking. The players in this market and customers are in tune with evolving standards and best practices. The PDF Association has conducted many awareness campaigns in France since 2007  and plans to increase the number of its French members.

Contact Local

Saïd EL Morabiti

Said EL Morabiti is the local contact for France. He is responsible for marketing and sales activities for SEAL Systems in France and a member of the PDF Association.
Phone: +33 143976966

Country Sponsor

Johannes Hesel is a member of the PDF Association and responsible  and has a special focus on its activities in France.
Phone: +00 33 (0) 1 43 97 69 66

Partners in France

The PDF Association has entered into a partnership agreement in 2008 with APROGED. This cooperation has resulted in a PDF/A reference book .

Documentation / Resources

Here are some resources in French:

Recommendation in France:

PDF/A recommended in the GIR (General Repository for Interoperability) for static documents not subject to revision.
The PDF/A standard tailored to the business challenges of the different sectors. For several years, governments and companies seek to implement processes tailored to their business problems and issues of long-term archiving.

Here are some examples:

  • Banks and insurance: files relating to credit or insurance often have a lifespan of at least fifty years. Particular attention is paid to the electronic archiving in PDF/A, not only for new files to be archived, but also for existing documents. The PDF/A standard offers many benefits, both to maintain its appearance and for its search functions.
  • Industry: the engineering sector is especially concerned with the long-term archiving. For example, documents relating to the construction of bridges, airplanes or other important structures are legally required to be archived for 99 years minimum. It may also be necessary to archive multiple versions of these documents. Safran and Siemens presented their PDF/A experiences  at the third international conference in Berlin in June 2009.
  • Health: the sector must keep its records for 30 years. This requirement applies to all types of documents, administrative or medical (eg scanners). For reasons of security and privacy, electronic signature is also an important parameter. As part of the electronic medical record, PDF/A provides an opportunity for management via color, full text search and digital signature.

The PDF/A standard applies to all types of business documents

PDF/A can be used to archive electronic documents to print, but also for non-electronic documents to be scanned. The PDF/A standard is suitable for all types of documents:

  • Incoming mail: mail, fax, email … all documents received by a business need to be saved. To be archived in electronic format, paper documents should be scanned and e-mails converted into a format suitable for storage.
  • Outgoing mail: Just as incoming mail, outgoing flows should be archived via a secure format. A wide selection of print stream converters available on the market are now PDF/A compliant.
  • Engineering documents and specific work: engineering documents generally require the native software application for viewing. Conversion to PDF/A documents can be displayed through a single application standard while ensuring viewing and printing on the long term. In science, many universities now require that theses and dissertations be submitted in PDF/A.

Events in France

Since 2007, the  PDF  Association, accompanied by several of its members, has participated in various exhibitions dedicated to the GED or ILM, such as Documation, FAN, and others.