Olaf DrummerOlaf Drümmer, president of both callas software GmbH and axaio software GmbH in Berlin, has been involved in the print, publishing and document management industries since 1990. He is recognized worldwide as an expert in PDF and color management. As a participant in the ISO he was heavily involved in the standardization of PDF/X and PDF/A.

Drümmer also serves as chairman of the European Color Initiative (ECI), which has ensured the continual application of ISO standards for color management and printouts in daily business far beyond the European borders since 1996.

As chairman, he coordinates all activities of the PDF Association and is responsible for recruiting new members.


Duff JohnsonDuff Johnson, an independent consultant, founded Document Solutions, Inc. (DSI), the first business document service bureau for PDF files, in 1996. In 2009, he merged DSI into Appligent, Inc., and led the resulting Appligent Document Solutions from January 2009 until June, 2011. He then led NetCentric Technologies as President until January, 2013.

Johnson serves several leadership roles in International Standards development, including as Project co-Leader for ISO 32000 (PDF), Chair of the US TAG for ISO 32000 and Chair of the US TAG for ISO 14289. He is currently serving as AIIM’s Standards Board Chairman and on AIIM’s Board of Directors. Author of dozens of articles and a respected blog on electronic document management subjects, Johnson is known throughout the ECM industry as a leading strategist, consultant and educator.

As vice chairman, Johnson is responsible for articulating the vision of the PDF Association, driving content and value to members.


Nora Cavalli PictureNora Calvillo, Sr. Product & Marketing Manager – Adobe Systems Incorporated. Nora Calvillo, from Adobe Systems Incorporated, is an experienced product management and marketing leader with 25+ years of experience working in the high tech industry. Nora is responsible for driving internal acceptance and business reasons for consideration of open source within Adobe.  She is also the Convener (Chair) for the International Working Group in ISO responsible for driving ISO 32000 (PDF); in this role she drove the international working group to approve and publish PDF as an official ISO standard in 2008.

Nora started her career as a systems analyst working in the Space Division of a national defense contractor and has held a number of different positions including software engineer, engineering manager, product and marketing manager in a number of companies.

Carsten HeiermannCarsten Heiermann is founder and CEO of the LuraTech group headquartered in Berlin (Germany) with branch offices in Remscheid (Germany), London (UK) and Redwood City, CA (USA).

After studying communications engineering and undertaking work in various IT companies, since 1995, Carsten Heiermann has concerned himself with topics connected with compression, standardization and electronic document capture and conversion. Heiermann’s company LuraTech developed patented technologies and products in the field of document and image compression and today offers a variety of integrated products and integration platforms for production level document conversion.

As Member of the Board, Heiermann acts as the Dutch Country Chapter sponsor and focuses on the PDF/A standard.

Michael Karbe Portrait

Michael Karbe is Managing Shareholder of Actino Software GmbH. He studied economics in Hamburg and started in the graphic arts industry in 1986. At the DTP pioneer Aldus and the specialist for editorial systems he was involved in processes for generating digital documents. When Adobe launched PDF he founded his own business. Since the middle of the 1990 his company helps businesses and government agencies to introduce and apply PDF workflows. As he firmly believes in independent quality standards, Michael Karbe has promoted PDF/A and other PDF standards for years now.

As Member of the Board, Michael Karbe acts as the German Country Chapter sponsor.

Bernd Wild Dr. Bernd Wild, 47, is originally a graduate physicist. After completing his studies, he worked for several years at a computer science research center in the field of artificial intelligence and its possible applications in industrial processes. Upon obtaining his PhD, Dr. Wild was responsible for the organization and management of C/S software development at an IT service provider in the banking sector. Together with some partners, he founded intarsys consulting GmbH in Karlsruhe in 1996.

Dr. Wild now concentrates on consulting and providing assistance for complex system integration projects. Document technology has increasingly become a focal point during the past few years. This includes not only the creation of documents from source data, but also the entire documentation life cycle through to archiving. Technologies like electronic signatures, intelligent forms and document standards are at the core of his activities. In addition, intarsys offers products and software components that support these technologies and can be used for easily and reliably designing customer specific solutions.

Managing Director

Thomas ZellmanThomas Zellmann has been working in EDP for more than 20 years and has extensive experience with classic and modern IT solutions. He started his job at LuraTech in 2001. Prior to joining LuraTech he worked for Softmatic AG, Software AG and Nixdorf among others. Zellmann is working in the banking/insurance and archives/libraries segments and is one of LuraTech’s shareholders.

As managing director he coordinates and executes most of the activities of the PDF Association. He is the main contact for all members, vendors and users.