US District Court Offers PDF/A FAQ for Users

As the US District Courts move to requiring PDF/A formatted documents for e-filling, many questions are arising from users in the various districts. The US District Court of Oregon has provided a list of frequently asked questions about PDF/A on its website.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • What do I need to create PDF/A documents?
  • What is PDF/A?
  • Why does the judiciary need to move to PDF/A for its CM/ECF documents?
  • When will the District of Oregon require that all documents filed in CM/ECF be in PDF/A format?
  • Which PDF/A format should filers use: 1a or 1b?
  • Should I Select RGB or CMYK When Publishing to PDF/A?
  • How are PDF/A documents created?
  • How does the PDF/A requirement affect Mac users?


Country of Origin: United States

Source: US District Court of Oregon

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