State Agency Sued for Lack of Electronically Fillable Forms

A lawsuit was filed in federal court against the Mass. state agency that provides health care to more than a million low-income people. The suit argues that the agency has failed to comply with laws that require documents to cater to the needs of the deaf, blind, and other physically and mentally impaired recipients of care.

The suit specifies that MassHealth violated the law by failing to provide written notices in Braille or other electronic forms.

“The ADA was pretty clear that state governments have to make communications accessible to people with disabilities, so they can participate as fully as anyone else,’’ said Bill Allan, executive director of the Disability Policy Consortium. “The Commonwealth has ignored this issue for years. It has been brought up to them in reports and by individuals. It’s time for them to take action.’’

Read the complete article on the Boston Globe’s website.

Country of Origin: USA

Source: Boston Globe

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