PDF/VT: What Can It Do for the Printing Industry?

Printing technologies are continually evolving to produce materials as quickly and effectively as possible. One big issue faced by the printing and publishing industry includes the tradeoff of engine speed versus data processing–and the PDF/VT standard offers a solution.

“There is a need to print graphically rich personalized content in an efficient and cost effective way. The PDF/VT standard is designed for both variable and transactional document printing and is built upon PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 and thereby supports the imaging within these PDF versions,” the Printing Industries of America says on its website. “Of importance with this the support for transparency blending modes, layers, ICC color management. These are becoming increasingly important in the flow of information and need to be effectively handled by the workflow. The PDF/VT will then also make efficient use of the information and metadata to ensure that the job is efficiently processed by the RIP. This is achieved in part by referencing the data and thereby reducing the amount of times that the same artwork needs to be transferred and then processed by the RIP.”

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Country of Origin: United States

Source: Printing Industries of America

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