PDF/UA Competence Center: ‘Matterhorn Protocol’ nears completion

Following the first in-person meeting of the PDF Association’s PDF/UA Competence Center at the 2012 PDF Association Technical Conference in March, 2012, the PDF/UA Competence Center has met on eight subsequent occasions; once in Toronto following the TC 171 SC 2 meetings in May and via teleconference on the other occasions.

During that time the organization has accomplished a number of significant tasks.

  • Established a validation model for PDF/UA, currently named “Matterhorn Protocol”
  • Established an XML schema for recording validation efforts using the Matterhorn Protocol
  • Begun work on developing a number of sample PDF/UA conforming files
  • Helped develop and promote the PDF Association’s “NVDA goes PDF/UA” project

The PDF/UA Competence Center hopes to release the first draft of the Matterhorn Protocol for review before the end of the year.

The “NVDA goes PDF/UA” project has begun to bear fruit, with the latest release of NVDA including several new features in support of tagged PDF.

Members of the PDF/UA Competence Center are organizing a number of seminars on PDF/UA around the world, including the US, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands.


PDF Association members interested in supporting PDF/UA, or who are facing WCAG 2.0 or PDF/UA requirements in the present or future, should join the PDF/UA Competence Center to benefit from our shared experiences, and to contribute to adoption of PDF/UA.

Source: PDF/UA Competence Center

About PDF/UA Competence Center

The PDF/UA Competence Center focuses on developing a specification for accessible PDF, in particular ensuring conforming PDF files are accessible and usable to all, including those who use assistive technology.