PDF/A Adoption Increasing, but Slowly

Doug Miles, Director of AIIM Market Intelligence, recently posted that PDF/A adoption was making slow but steady progress after he did an small, informal survey of 144 people. Miles asked, “Do you store a significant proportion of your records in any of the following formats (native (eg. .doc, .xls), .pdf, HTML, .tiff, .jpeg, .pdf/a)?”

He found that 30 percent of respondents are now using PDF/A, which still lags significantly behind the other specified formats. But that may not be the case much longer.

“There are, however, a number of back-file conversion projects going on to batch convert PDFs and TIFFS to PDF/A,” Miles writes. “It also seems that a number of regulated industries and government departments have yet to give the full go-ahead to PDF/A, even though it is a much more robust format for archive, with no external links allowed, and with additional capabilities for metadata.”

Country of Origin: United States

Source: AIIM

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