NVDA goes PDF/UA: Improved PDF support

Version 2012.3 of the free open-source NVDA Screen Reader for Microsoft Windows has been released. Among other features it offers improved access to PDF documents. Supported by the PDF Association’s “NVDA goes PDF/UA” project, the latest release of NVDA includes important improvements in processing tagged PDF:

- The presence of underline and strikethrough is now reported.
- If a table has a summary it is presented.
- Table row and column headers can now be reported.
- Table cells spanning more than one column and/or row are now handled correctly.
- Page labels can now be reported.

This is a further step into the direction of PDF/UA support for the popular screen reader. While NVDA already reads PDF documents, conformance with PDF/UA requires additional development.

To promote awareness of PDF/UA the PDF Association has partnered with the non-profit-organisation Access for All to help the Australian non-profit NV Access enhance their popular open source NVDA screen reader to conform to the ISO standard PDF/UA. All NVDA development costs are funded through donations.

About PDF Association

Founded in 2006 as the PDF/A Competence Center, the PDF Association exists to promote the adoption and implementation of International Standards for PDF technology.