Hurdles of Moving Archives to PDF/A

Fear of change is the biggest hurdle for organizations wanting to move from their current electronic archiving format to PDF/A because they believe that it may be difficult to implement and expensive, and not worth the effort to migrate their archives.

“There are many upsides to implementing PDF/A,” writes Gary Hodkinson, Managing Director of LuraTech Ltd., in an article on “Current archiving systems that are based on black-and-white TIFF or basic PDF file formats are not necessarily protected from inaccessibility over the long term. In addition, these formats can result in files that are very large, making it incredibly costly to store documents, particularly those that are scanned in full-colour, and increase bandwidth costs for sharing the files.”

“However, with tools to implement PDF/A, organisations will be able to save scanned compressed documents in full colour in files smaller than black-and-white TIFF, resulting in the need for less storage and bandwidth, while preserving the look and feel of the original document,” Hodkinson adds.

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